The housing search begins 

Yup I have to find new housing. Apparently the main roommate’s boss has decided to move to Colorado & offered her a job to go with. She is scared she won’t make the same $$$ here so she & the new hubby are going to go. Unfortunately we have no exact idea when this will happen as her rich boss (must be nice) just does things on a whim, but she’s guessing sometime in the next month give or take??? I appreciate her giving me the heads up at least so I can start looking. Staying at the current house & taking over the lease is not an option for me cause we’ve recently discovered (by opening the mail that keeps coming cause it looked suspicious) the owner hasn’t been paying the mortgage & the home is going to probably end up in foreclosure. Wtf?!?!  I will NOT be a part of that fiasco. So I guess we would have all had to eventually find new housing. I don’t get how people can collect rent that we pay on time in full & then not pay the bank so we will end up getting screwed. Assholes. 

She told me this last night after I came home from dinner with my gf. So I took a sleeping pill and went to bed. Why worry when I can start today? There wasn’t anything I could do at 9pm anyways. I feel my anxiety really starting to fire up this morning though. I’m going to start looking online and put out some feelers with friends if they’ve heard of anything. I suppose that’s a start. Of course this is the WORST time of year to look for housing cause all the snowbirds are arriving or nothing is available. Fantabulous. I’m also going to spend this weekend really gutting and downsizing what clothes I have left so it’s even easier when the time comes. Oh joy. 


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