Trying to keep the faith

The housing search hasn’t been very fruitville. I’ve sent out 10+ replies to what ads I have found & have finally got one response back. So frustrating that people advertise and don’t even get back to you! I’m trying not to panic or worry but it’s hard cause I don’t know where I’m going to live. I’ve widened my search area and still there isn’t much.

Kickball started Friday which was a good distraction. I had a good time playing and we won! I can tell I’m a lot stronger from my gym routine and in better shape (didn’t feel any pain after!). It felt good to be hanging out with the team again. I’m looking forward to the season.

I had thought about it some and somebody else mentioned it so I stopped by POS’s house Friday after kickball to talk to him about living together. I know it’s not the best timing but when is it ever? Maybe these are signs from God? What is the next step for us? We talked, discussed some concerns & he said he needed a few days to process it. Which I understand. We did live together before for 6 months and I pointed out some other things that were positives. Idk. He didn’t say no right away which I suppose is a good sign. And it’s been almost 2 days & no word so perhaps he is really considering it. I will stop by Tuesday night to talk with him. In the mean time I am continuing to look although still not finding anything new pop up.

Some good news is I have my Halloween costume all together as long as my eBay purchases come this week. My brother is having a party so it will be fun. I’m excited cause it’s simple yet creative and easy so it works for me. 

Bad news my tooth that’s been hurting since Monday has gotten much worse. It’s been good for the diet but it hurts so bad! Of course I stupidly didn’t call the dentist yet so that will be my #1 thing Monday to do. Argh….

Happy Sunday funday! I’m going to organize my room and what little items I have left so it will be easy to move once I know where I’m going. And I’ll try not to overthink the situation and focus on remaining positive. 😊


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