In the dentist chair

Yup that’s where I am right now. From the initial X-rays and peek the first person took she said my wisdom tooth had erupted. Wtf?!? I said now I know why babies cry all the time. Then the actual dentist came in and he said it was inflamed and infected so I’m getting drugs right now. If that doesn’t work I have to come back for “clean up”. I didn’t ask what that entailed cause it sounds scary!

Still no luck in the housing search. The hamster wheel was running like mad last night (my anxiety going crazy). My roommate actually had the nerve to bitch at me yesterday about how this is so hard for her and she doesn’t know what’s going on yada yada. I just stared at her. Seriously??? What boat does she think I’m in right now??? I had to take a walk. 

Haven’t heard anything from POS which I suppose is a positive? I asked the lady this morning who had suggested I speak with him. She thinks if he was going to say no he would have right away or even sent me a text over the weekend saying no to avoid a confrontation. She thinks he really is thinking about it. What do you guys think? Idk honestly. I’m going to pop over to his place during cornhole tonight and see what he has to say. Even if we just try it for a bit it gives me time to keep looking. I just don’t want to get locked into housing that is bad or I have to settle for cause it’s a rush.

I keep trying to believe this. 


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