Still waiting…

I stopped by POS’s house Monday during cornhole but he didn’t answer the door. He texted me at 4am he had fallen asleep & just woke up. So I stopped by there Tuesday evening to talk. He said he didn’t know about us living together. He had some concerns. I do also. We also talked about some of the positives. He was going to call the guy who was coming to stay with him and see what his plans are cause they were still very up in the air. So we’ll talk again tonight. I look at it like either we are moving in together & trying this OR he can give me the $85 for the concert ticket & go have a nice life. This I don’t know middle road mamby pamby crap is too much for me. Let’s put on your man pants and start caring!

My tooth still hurts (although improving) and I haven’t been eating so I’m probably delirious from that too. I try not to be irrational, but lack of food will do that. Although it has been a good diet and weight loss program.

I have a therapy session tonight. I wish it was AFTER I speak with POS but unfortunately it didn’t work out schedule wise. So I’m going to his house after therapy. I figure at least therapy can help me prepare for either response and help try to put together a plan.

My anxiety is surprisingly calm today. I’m sure I’ll get jittery later though. Maybe I’m just to the point where I don’t care either? So much is happening I don’t know what to worry over? Or I’m done for now until the next steps happen?


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