Got my answer 

Yesterday I went home after work & started trying to clean up my room some. I had a garbage bag & a Goodwill bag. Only a few bags later & it’s already looking better! I have an idea for this weekend how to better thin my clothes out (how many tshirts do I need?) & am excited to get rid of more. 

I went to therapy. We spoke about a few things but a lot about my anxiety,  POS & possibly living together. It was good for me to discuss with her and talk about different aspects of our relationship & what it’s become. I have sadly realized that living there wouldn’t be good for me. He’s not going to man up and be the person I knew. I see the signs and read his actions. Idk if he’s a game playing douchebag or whatever but I do know relationship wise I deserve better. And now I just have to keep reminding myself that!

I stopped by his house on my way home. I want that $85 cause he said he’d pay me it & I could use it for my credit card. Of course he wasn’t home and when I called he didn’t answer. Again there’s my confirmation I’m right. He’s not a man. So guess I’ll try stopping by after the gym tonight to get my money. I love having to hunt people down to get my money back. 

The good news is that place I looked at Sunday did work out. I’ll be living there mid November so at least the transition financially I won’t be losing out. And it’s $200 a month cheaper!! I’m still in the area I wanted. Close by my stuff, smidge closer to work, further from POS (a good thing). I’ll have my own huge bathroom and a decent size bedroom plus some storage in the garage. The guy seems pretty normal, works a lot & has a gf so that’s cool. He’s about 10 years older than me & it’s his house so no worry of the owner not paying the bank again. I told my therapist I think this will be a good place for me to go and stabilize. We all know how much I like routine! Lol And another bonus is POS won’t know where I’m living.

So I guess it’s no much I got my answer, but I made a decision. About a few things I suppose.


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