Slamming the door shut

So I stopped by POS’s house again last night. He was in the shower so I had to wait. Then he starts with “this just isn’t going to work you living here” which I sweetly interrupted him & said “oh that’s not why I’m here” so he stares at me. I said I’m here for my money. Stare. The $85 you owe me. Oh yeah well I don’t have it. Great I’ll wait. So off he went to the cash station. No way in hell was I leaving without my cash!

My tooth is starting to feel better but still hurts. If it’s still hurting Monday I’m calling the dentist. The drugs will be gone by then and we need to figure out what the problem is besides an infection.

Getting everything squared away for my move in 2 weeks!! Finalized with the new roommate yesterday I’ll be starting rent on the 10th. Rented a truck for the 11th so I don’t have to bother anybody. I figure I can load all my stuff in 1 trip. Not how I wanted to spend my day off from work but everything is falling into place so maybe it’s how it’s supposed to be?

I haven’t told the current roommate my plans yet. Guess I’ll let her know now that it’s happening. She keeps whining at me how her boss won’t give her more info about the move or when it’s happening but I’m like well tough cookies for you. I gotta figure my own shit out.

Looking forward to the weekend! Kickball tonight to start things off. Then some errands tomorrow and relaxing before my brother’s Halloween party. Sunday I have a lunch date with a guy I met on Tinder (oh yes that crazy world of fun). Life is looking up! 


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