Happy Friday!

It’s been a great week cause the Cubbies won the World Series!!! πŸ’™βšΎοΈπŸ» Wishing I was back home for the parade today!

But no it really has been a good week. Halloween was good with friends. I love being where it’s warm weather and you can just enjoy being outside not freezing your ass off. Wednesday I invited that guy to come hang at the bar and watch the Cubs game which he came out. My brothers were there which was good cause they gave him some grief and he didn’t get all upset or uptight. I need to know you can laugh. He’s been texting me & we are going to do something Saturday night. I’m working at my side job this weekend so that will keep me busy during the days. 

I can’t wait to move next week!!! Things are a little weird at the house cause they are packing up and nobody is really saying much. But I’m just ready to go! I think the new roommate is going to be a better match and the situation will hopefully just be better overall. Also once you know something is happening it’s like let’s just do this. I guess I have no patience. Lol

I went back to the dentist earlier this week. It is getting better and there is nothing wrong with the tooth so basically just more time to heal from the infection. I am so over not eating or it hurting to eat. 


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