Getting closer!

Moving day that is!!! So happy to be getting out of the house of hell. Sadly it has gotten rather sucky. Between the influx of drugs & her bitching at me about moving cleaning whatever I’ve had it! Will I take all my stuff with me when I leave? Yes. Will I throw out my garbage? Yes. Will I clean the room spotless? No. I’m not getting any deposit back and she used her deposit to pay the final month rent so get off my ass. Be mad at the right people here and not me cause I’m around.

Tonight I’m going to start packing up as much as I can and what I no longer need. Thursday I’m meeting the new roommate at the house and I’ll make a few trips over with what fits in my car. Friday my other brother is coming and we’re going to load it up! Yay!!

This is the only roommate I’ll miss 

Kickball rocked last week. We won & I even scored 2 runs!! I worked my side job over the weekend during the day. It was easy hours this time so I didn’t mind it too much even though the weather was perfect! Met the guy for dinner Saturday and then to a bar to hang out for a band. Sunday we hung out some and grabbed an early dinner again. I like that he’s low key & we do have a nice time together. I just have to keep it really slow and not jump in. I’m tired of getting hurt so there are definitely walls up that haven’t been there before. Luckily my schedule is busy plus the holidays coming makes it pretty easy to limit our hanging out.

I’ll be so happy when the election is over today. Literally that is all that’s on Facebook. People are stupid fighting with each other and it’s so ridiculous to watch.

Cornhole last night was good. We lost but that’s what we wanted! Lol. Next week is the playoffs and now we’re hopefully in a good spot for it. Probably need to try practicing some also. I already got my next partner for the new season so that’s good too. We played together before and he’s pretty good so I need to step my game up!

My tooth pain has improved a lot in the last 2 days. Not talking seems to help. Maybe another week and I’ll be good to go?


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