Move = success!!!

Got the move done this morning!!! I took a car load over last night and my other brother came with a trailer this morning. Less than an hour. It’s almost scary how good I’m getting at this. Haha!! Hopefully this will be it for awhile though. I need to unpack & organize still, but I went food shopping & got the crock pot going. I figure it’s a good welcome with the new roommate. Kicking back watching tv feels so good. I keep telling myself I have all weekend still to organize it.

My parents came down yesterday. A slight surprise but I had an inkling they might cause it was my dad’s birthday. I think it will be good to spend some time together. They haven’t asked so I haven’t told them POS is out of the picture.

Looking forward to a good weekend. Kickball tonight and hanging out. Then tomorrow night is a group dinner which new guy is coming to. Sunday I hope to make it to the beach or even just lay in the backyard and read. Ahhhh…


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