So I am currently on a cruise. I was determined that 2017 was going to be amazing & how else to make it that way other than travel?? Booked a week long cruise with my mom (figured it would be good for us & I needed a real vacay) so here we float. Today it’s in Jamaica.

I mean really…this has been my view since last Sunday when we were surprised with an upgraded room upon check in!!  How blessed is that?? I like to believe that what goes around comes around so give good & appreciate. šŸ™ The cruise has been wonderful on so many levels. It’s been a good step forward for my mom & I since last year was very challenging to our relationship. We haven’t spent this much time together in a very long time. I have gotten to really just read & relax & disconnect while out at sea. Amazing. I feel quite at peace and recharged. It’s been so nice to really focus on me. I work out, I eat, I sleep. Very basic things but I am getting to actually enjoy it & not just rush thru my schedule.

We now start the trip back very shortly. Great vacation but I am ready to return. I feel motivated. I have goals. I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of March. I have trip #2 then—a group of us rented a condo in Costa Rica for 6 nights. It will be a good time!! Plans are coming together for trip #3–starts out in Chicago so I’ll get to maybe see some friends there before heading to Calgary. That trip is about 3 weeks total so I need to get approval from work when I go back next week. šŸ¤ž Trip #4 is my annual week to WI end of summer. Both those last trips will be my side job related work so while not total vacations I am excited & looking forward to them!!

See ya when I get back home…to the beaches & Gulf & sun.  You know the vacation I live every day as my friends up north like to remind me. Haha!! 


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