Time to get real

I’m back from my cruise. Which I only gained 1 pound. Yay me. Bad part is I apparently put on a few more after I made my 10 pound weight loss goal. So here it is. It’s ugly but it’s the cold hard truth & if I put it on here I can’t hide or deny it. 

Whoa that’s ugly. My goal is 160. I definitely have my work cut out.

Sadly my weight is back to where I was a little over a year ago before the POS drama. I am more toned & stronger but there could be less of me. It’s scary to believe I stayed at 146 all summer without much effort of diet or exercise. Anxiety was my secret diet. My friend recently told me part of healing & feeling good is being healthy & that also means wanting to eat & liking food. Now I just need to learn to have a better relationship with it.

So here we go folks. 160 is the goal. Might not be by my deadline but I’m trying!! 💪


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