When your ex shows up at cornhole with (I guess) his new GF (they kept making out & grabbing each other so one can only assume which ewww you’re almost 50 & she definitely looks it!) of maybe a few weeks. 

1–thanks for showing everyone what a douchebag you really are without me having to say a peep. 😆 2–for again confirming I’m the best you’ll ever have. To everyone. 😂 Seriously. The consensus was “what a downgrade”. I just sat back & enjoyed the spectacle cause that’s what it really was. I mean who really has to try that hard? So ridiculous. 🙄

Yup that is the latest on POS. Who’s name is Joe. Forget anonymous. The innocent have nothing to hide & the shitty need to be outted. So moving forward no more changing of names here! I wish I could say it’s the last of Joe too but he apparently likes to creep me. After I walked away in October (cash in hand mind you!) there was no more contact. I went on living my life. Apparently my life was looking too good though cause he not only unfriended me on Facebook but also blocked me on Thanksgiving. Yup, I’m that awesome. 👍 Fast forward to mid-December & my group ran into his group out on the town for a city festival. Let me be clear…I have awesome friends who have stood by me despite my dumb choices but they were THRILLED that Joe was gone cause they hated how he treated me & he’s a douche. Especially among my guy friends it turns out he was very hated (I had no idea guys were that judgemental of other guys). Joe ran away (such big balls he’s got), but some others in his group stopped to chat with my group & me. In fact DD1 was there & she gave me a hug & all chatty. Apparently her dad hadn’t yet told her I was evil & to be shunned. Moving on to end of January I was on a blind date set up (which was going so bad already) when Joe & DD1 walked by. I mean he sprinted so fast it took me a minute to register (I was ready when they left with a big smile & so sweet “oh hi there how are you?”). I know he had contacted my big brother a few times about kickball but my bro said he’ll never play on our team again (phew).

So fast forward to cornhole Tuesday night I wasn’t super surprised he was there. My bro started up a new league so Joe knew I’d be there. Duh. Did I mention after the Facebook blocking he then started friending some of the friends and circle I hang out with? Like how fucked up is that? We laughed but go find your own friends. I did. You were my plus 1 & now you’re not. I don’t contact or hang out with any of the people he’s “friends” with. I mean they are such shitty shallow people I have no idea why I wouldn’t want them as my friends. Plus they are like 20 years younger than him (or more!). I guess by finding an older lady to date now he’s no longer the oldest looking person in pictures. 😂

My bro kept checking on me asking how I was. But really I was fine. When you step back & really see a situation you realize how stupid it all was. I should have been gone long before but apparently I had to learn my lessons the hard way. Joe hanging all over this lady really had no effect on me. I wasn’t upset or bothered. I kept playing & hanging out & having a good time. There’s a lot of new people & 1 guy even came up at the end to chat a little. It was a really good time & I’m looking forward to next week.


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