It’s been a fun week…

Monday I piled all my appointments together so I took a day off from work & handled that. First stop was the dentist. Good news is everything looks all good from having those wisdom teeth removed. Will probably take out the other side later this fall unless a problem arises. Bad news I have a small cavity which they can’t get me back in til May to work on (thanks all the winter visitors being here). And I’m also grinding my teeth so badly at night they want to put in some filler stuff. But only if I start wearing a mouth guard to sleep otherwise it will be a waste. I then went to an appt with my new primary care dr. I liked her & we had some discussion about my health especially the past year. Talked about the Prozac & my “hiccup” last week. I said I was moving forward again which she agreed but gave me a month of pills just in case to have on hand (sometimes just having like the sleeping pills but never taking helps me too). She did say it was normal what I experienced and it doesn’t mean I fell back to last July progress wise or am a failure. Bumps are going to happen & I can’t see it as failures (which my GF pointed out to me when I was being a little crazy).

I’ve been busy this week but much more low key. Walked the bridge last night by myself even though it was later than normal. I’m getting my steps in & I feel it’s helping keep my head clear. Cornhole was good this week. Joe was there & of course his lady had to come so they could play kissy face & keep looking in my direction. I can’t help but chuckle to myself cause hey lady, I know where his lips have been. How do I taste? I know that’s crude (my brother couldn’t stop laughing when I told him that) but it’s the truth right?!? Lol

I had drinks with a new guy last night. Met him online before my cruise & he actually followed up when I returned so why not? I was only planning on staying 1/2 an hour but suddenly it was over an hour later. We didn’t talk about anything serious but just travel & some work stuff & other topics. But conversation flowed & he seems cool. When we left he said he’d really like to take me out again if I’m game & I gave him my number. He’s self proclaimed a bit nerdy but in a cute way & I liked him so I’ll give him a chance. I want a man who has his shit together & knows what he wants/goes after it. By taking initiative and making plans he’s being a man so I give him kudos. Maybe I’ve been around so many dbags it’s hard for me to recognize a real man when he comes along?

Last night was my first night sleeping with the mouth guard.  Bringing sexy back!!! It also took me both guards in the box to get it made right. Lol. Oops!!! I’m wondering if maybe I’ll get better sleep now? It will be interesting to see.


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