Hello Friday!!!

Woo hoo it’s Friday!! Listened to a dance party mix on the drive to work this morning (love radio shows that mish mesh stuff together like that) & now I am pumped for the day. Plus it’s a pay day Friday so ALWAYS a great thing!! $$$$

After the gym yesterday (which I must of had a good class cause I feel it today!) I went with the group for drinks & food. lol Yeah we are THAT type of gym, but that is why I love it there & the people I have met. You gotta laugh & have fun in life. I then went with a GF to see 50 Shades Darker. I read all the books & just recently saw the 1st movie on tv (it was pretty edited & cut but I got the idea & followed along). I still don’t particularly care for the girl playing Ana (she does nothing for me good or bad), but this time the guy playing Christian grew a smidge on me. I mean we are not talking an Oscar worthy movie or acting, but it does have an interesting look at relationships. They follow the book (that I recall it’s been awhile) pretty accurately & of course it ends so gee they can make a 3rd movie.

Tonight is the kickball playoffs!!! We made it thru last week & now we have to play the good teams tonight so not sure how far we’ll advance. It’s been fun though & I have really enjoyed the season. I don’t think we’ll play for about a month between seasons because of the upcoming trip to Costa Rica & changing leagues so I’ll miss it.

This week has been really busy for me again so I need to catch up on rest this weekend. I plan to hang at the beach Saturday & read & relax. I tried going Monday between my appointments, but it was so windy I only made it a 1/2 hour being pelted by sand. Sunday morning I do a weekly 5K that a local bar offers. Us girls have been doing it together (we just walk) & then we get the kids (if they don’t come walk) & the guys for breakfast. I like it cause it gets my morning started & I can some steps in!

I changed churches the beginning of the year. The other church was ok, but I had only started going there because of Joe when we got back together (round 2) last spring. I hadn’t met anyone & wasn’t involved in it. My friend Zac (who was my cornhole partner last fall too) had invited me to a soccer game with his church group & I met a few people who I stayed in touch with it & done some other things since. They have a fun young adults group that is pretty active plus they have a time on Saturday night to attend. It works well cause I can go out after church still if I want or hang with them if they’re doing something.


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