Waving the white flag

Ugh my life this week šŸ˜³

First the pain in the ass ankle sprain from the weekend. Then Monday as work is wrapping up I suddenly don’t feel well & toss cookies. šŸ¤¢ Wtf?? Throw up again before the drive home (thank goodness that didn’t happen in my car!!). Spend the rest of the day at home yakking until after midnight. I’m thinking I must of caught a bug from the weekend. I mean it was my dream diet but the timing sucked cause it’s not like I can walk very fast. 

Side note…you know you’ve hit bottom when while you’re puking for the upteenth time the toilet seat falls down on your head cracking your nose & now you are bleeding. Of course this was when the tornado was passing by & it was major storming & weather alerts are going off. Go ahead & laugh. It’s ok. My mother did. I can now. But at that moment I just laid on the bathroom floor & cried.

Today I am back to the land of the living. Still not walking very fast but my ankle actually has some definition instead of a giant lump. Progress!! Also I lost 4 pounds so my weight loss is back on track. Yay!! And thanks to not eating for several days my stomach has shrunk & I haven’t much appetite. Bonus!!

I have my monthly therapy tonight. Wonder what we’ll discuss. Not really feeling any urgent topics right now so maybe just updates on things? I’m sure that will lead to something more then. I hope to go for a short walk afterwards. Love that it’s staying lighter out later but yowza we’re having a cold spell! So much for a cute St Patty outfit on Friday!


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