Weigh in: frustration 

Well…to be quite honest this wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. I knew some of the weight from being sick would return cause dehydration & not eating for 2 days gave a fake reading. Although it did give encouragement! 😁

I’m feeling frustrated. This stupid ankle sprain is really a pain in the ass. I’m trying not to let it get me down but it’s just a major bummer. Here I was feeling really good, I had a great workout right before it happened & my weight loss was on track. Now that’s all to shit. The dr didn’t really give much info so Friday I did some googling. It could be 4-6 weeks of healing so that’s depressing to realize/hear. It will only be 4 weeks when I get back from Costa Rica & the new kickball season is supposed to start after that. Boo….

The swelling seems to have barely changed. My ankle is still a giant lump with limited definition. There’s a big bump that still hurts if pushed on. I think cause I stare at it a lot (I keep it elevated whenever possible) I’m not seeing any changes. And I’m being really critical. lol 

The gym is starting a 90 day challenge today not just with working out but eating as well for overall learning & health. Which will be good for me to do. I went to the gym last Thursday just to do what I could. Most of the upper body stuff I could participate & the cardio or leg stuff I improvised with other things. The trainers are really supportive & make modifications for me which is good. I was glad to be back with everyone just from the social standpoint too. It was a nice motivator.

Here’s to another week of healing, major portion control & seeing how the 90 day challenge rules will affect me. 


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