Foiled by Lucifer…again

First I should say that Lucifer is my car. I treated myself last year to the new 2SS Camaro (the previous Mr Car was 15 years old so it’s not like I splurge often). It’s a total toy & lots of fun! He’s a sexy beast (dark gray) & I sold my soul to get him. Just kidding! Well sorta. But hence the name.

For whatever reason grown men turn into giggly little school girls when in his presence. Seriously. I actually find it rather comical cause this area is not lacking in high end fancy cars that are much nicer pricier than Lucifer. They want to sit in him, stare, circle around, push the buttons. Some want a ride, some friends I have even let drive. It reached a point in December I was going to start Ubering to my dates cause I’d meet the guy, you could tell neither of us were feeling it but then when we walked out to the parking lot suddenly they would find me oh so interesting & want to get my number or make another date. After meeting Lucifer of course. Really…and guys complain about girls doing that kind of shit?!?! lol

Last night was the baseball game with my friends & Anthony. We met at my friend’s house to carpool. I drove the 3 of us cause we were meeting her boyfriend there. It’s all going good. We’re chatting about our day. The game started out well. Lots of fun & perfect weather! How can you not enjoy it? About half way thru the game the conversation turns to cars. Anthony is totally fangirling over Lucifer! I poke my friend & say uh oh he’s got a crush. After the game we grabbed a bite before I dropped him back off at his car (which wasn’t a bad looking ride either). Every time I started the car he’d exclaim listen to that, that’s amazing, oh wow! I was like how drunk are you man???

So I was already starting to not really feel anything more towards Anthony, but by the end of the night I was sure of it. I think he’s a fun guy (my friends liked him) to hang out with but I’m not feeling any spark. And I’m sorry but I want that spark! I deserve the spark! Something that makes me excited to see or hear from him. A little bounce in my step. I can always tell if I’m into a guy cause the first question I ask myself is…does he make me want to take my clothes off?? NOTE: I AM NOT TAKING MY CLOTHES OFF!!! But does he make me feel even anything like that?? Does he intrigue me? Do I find him desirable? Since the answer is generally no the search continues. And maybe Lucifer stays home next time.


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