Weigh in: holding

Good news is I didn’t gain! Bad news is I didn’t lose. 😂 It did bounce around a little but not enough to stay at the lower weight. 

I know I didn’t stick as hard to my meal plans as I did the other weeks. Leaving town is tough cause I’m trying to clean out the fridge. And the carton of ice cream Saturday (but it was sooo good!!!) or birthday cake on Sunday didn’t help.

Leaving town this Friday for vacation. I didn’t hit my goal weight loss before my trip but I did manage to lose a solid 5 pounds so that’s something. I won’t be weighing in next week cause I’m only allowed 40 pounds in my luggage (this may be a challenge itself) & the scale is too heavy. So I’ll be checking back in 2 weeks keeping myself accountable.

I did pay attention when I went out to eat about ordering more proteins & veggie sides. Drinking more water! Getting back home & properly restocking my foods is actually something I enjoy. I like buying all the tasty fruits or thinking of things I can make myself. And having healthy leftover options makes my next meal plan so much easier.

The ankle will be at 4 weeks when I get back from vacation so I’m hoping it will be ready to ease back to more normal workouts. I’ve been doing basically upper body which sucks!


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