Almost vacation time!

Friday can’t get here fast enough. Well actually I guess Thursday at 4pm is the start. I’m starting to get really excited about Costa Rica! Everyone keeps saying how beautiful it is there plus I can’t wait to see our condo & the beach there. Yes I know I live by the beaches (even the current #1 beach in the USA per Trip Advisor) but I’m not ON the beach & that’s different. Plus it’s the Pacific. Haven’t had a toe in that water in quite awhile. 

I’m hoping to knock out the packing or majority of it tonight. Not taking anything fancy. It’s a very casual area we’re going & unlike the cruise I’m not feeling any urge to glam it up. Not even gonna pack any makeup. I already warned my friends. 😂 

Last night at cornhole was weird. Joe actually spoke to me. Wtf??? Believe me I pretty much steer clear of him & him of me which given the layout & size of the outdoor area is pretty easy. I have noticed his smoochy face old lady hasn’t been around the last 3 times so that’s taken some of the fun out. So last week as I left I said “later dudes” to my group. He was seated next to them & turned to me saying “good bye”.  It didn’t dawn on me til I was in the parking lot (late night & tired is a bad combo) that was he talking to me & did he think I spoke to him?? Oh hell no!! Yesterday I went to grab my stuff which he was standing with his back to so I walked up behind to grab it & he turns to say “hello how are you?”. But I was prepared this time. I look around so he repeats it & I respond with “you talking to me? (long pause & look around before making eye contact) oh I’m good!”. Like why would you talk to me?? It was clear to me that when he defriended & blocked me on FB that our 1.5 years together didn’t happen plus running off anytime we did have a public run in afterward so now suddenly I exist?? As my girlfriend said stay in your own lane.

I’m really hoping that he won’t want to play the next season of cornhole but unfortunately his partner isn’t leaving. Of course it’s cause she’s either sleeping or chasing after this other guy there (who’s married) depending who you talk to. Who said cornhole didn’t have gossip?? Lol. Again nice reputation. But that’s also the girl I previously referred to as Shitty Friend so no big shocker. 

Yup, I so can’t wait to get out of town! Work has been a little crazy


3 thoughts on “Almost vacation time!”

      1. We had a villa in Uvita but did take the bus up to Jaco for a day/night. Jaco is very touristy – don’t go into the casino at night wink wink wink. (whore house right off main drag, we checked it out, at least 350 girls in there)


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