Back to life…well sorta 

Getting back on schedule. Except cause I went to work yesterday I kept thinking it was Monday. lol People didn’t understand why I came in for 1 day but I got all my emails caught up & worked on a few projects that had deadlines. Now when I come in Monday I won’t feel overwhelmed & can jump right back in. Plus I have the weekend to chill!!

Yesterday turned into a nonstop day. After work traffic was so awful (apparently not enough snowbirds have left yet 😩) that I had to keep right on going & didn’t get a break before I headed to the church activities. There is a community event on 1st Friday’s that the church uses as a outreach to the by running a HUGE kid zone of games & rides & music. Lots of fun!! Normally I can’t volunteer cause of kickball but having an off week I jumped on it. I was in charge of helping kids on/off the mechanical bull to start. That was so fun!!! Lots of laughs & seeing the kids have a good time was great. No blood or tears on my watch!!

I then hung with some other volunteers before moving to another giant blow up. They climbed waaaay up the “mountain” & then came down a slide. Holy cow some of those kids were shooting out of the slide like torpedoes!!! I was trying to catch them. 😜 Zac & I tried to keep order but it got a little chaotic at times. It was a fun time & I definitely was glad I got to go!

Even though it had been a long day on the way home I saw some friends were at a restaurant (thanks social media for allowing me to be a creeper) so I stopped by & hung with them for a bit. I had skipped lunch & the place was Chicago themed so it felt a little like home. Ahhh…Hawks & Cubs & Bears everywhere.

I slept in this morning. Which hasn’t really happened even in Costa Rica. I was getting up around 5am there (that 5:30 sunrise was not the norm for us FL peeps) & then taking a quick snooze after awhile so my sleeping is a little wacky. I was thinking of attending a gym class but lost that motivation. Maybe I should I ride my bike? It’s not going to be very warm today but it is nice out. I probably should work on the laundry & get some groceries. I am firing up my crock pot now. I figure this is going to make something relatively healthy so the gym challenge will be satisfied & give me a few meals for the week. 

Let’s see what today brings…happy Saturday!!!


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