When your ex calls you crazy 

Is it really a bad thing?? 😂😂

I mean Joe gave me his word a month ago he was done playing in our joint activities. Yesterday I spoke to him for 5 minutes to confirm. He said he was still going to play kickball. Fine don’t be a man honoring his word but no shocker. Then 30 minutes later he’s texting me (I asked who it was lol) saying he’s gonna play cornhole & kickball. Again no big surprise he lied. He just doesn’t get it. What guy wants to hang around where his ex is?? Why??? My friend told my I’m trying to reason with a 5 yo so I have to remember that. He claims I’m the one with the problem cause he’s over me. I said well I’m over you too but I don’t want to hang out with you creeper!

He then proceeded to text with me last night and this morning until he deemed me crazy. So I laughed cause now I feel like I got him all upset instead of me feeling upset. He said he’s blocking me again. Ohhhhh do I look hurt?? You contacted me dumbass. Seriously. What did I ever see in this douchebag?? I forget though he hangs out with people 20 years younger–I don’t think he’s got any friends his age (49)–so I need to talk down to that level.

And again…if you think I’m crazy then go away. Like I care what you think? I’m hoping if it’s not a fun warm place for him then maybe he’ll eventually quit. Cause we all know he’s a quitter & won’t stick around.

He got mad when I sent him this. Hahaha!!! Bonus points me!


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