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Irma-gawd πŸŒ€

Hurricane Irma has come & gone. πŸ™‹πŸΌ

I am well! In fact the house I’m a roommate at never lost power so I was watching tv (news & movies) thru it all. So lucky!! πŸ€ My car was parked in the garage so that was ok too. I felt quite safe bunkered in my corner room. The windows were boarded up & I had candles ready. I heard the winds when the eye got closer (it passed just to the east) & other than a few clunks on the roof it was ok. I realize how very blessed & fortunate I am. πŸ™

We got lucky it came down to a Category 2 & the path went a little more east after landfall so not a direct hit. I was somehow one of the few left in my friend circle with power. Today they have all been waiting for power to be restored & not all were visited by FPL. I went outside about 9am after the rain stopped for a quick peek. I saw standing water at the end of the driveway & along the side yards so I didn’t go near that. But looking around I didn’t see any major damage to the house or any other homes on the street. Lots of leaves & some branches but nothing bad. Again very lucky!!

My work is closed until Wednesday. They had the water shut off during the hurricane cause of a main break in the City water system (which did get repaired today) but there still is not any power. I still need to check on my house & the family condo when I can get there, but I haven’t heard from the property manager so I assume nothing major happened. 

My heart goes out to everyone affected by Irma & my prayers are with them. Thank you to my friends & family that were there for me. Love you all! 😘


Here comes Irma πŸŒ€

I am on the Gulf (west coast about 1/2 way between the top & bottom of the state) in Florida. All week it’s been a guessing game where she was going, but it looks like she’s coming directly for my city now. I’ll be honest…I was hoping it would hit land by Miami & go up the east coast. Then the track started shifting west. I started hoping it would keep drifting west and we’d get the edge, but no such luck.

I’ve chosen to stay. First of all early evacuation wasn’t an option for me as I had work. Work did eventually decide to close Friday (and now Monday but no kidding since Irma will be passing right then πŸ˜‚). Next on Tuesday gas & water was already running out in this area even though it was still predicted for an east coast hit. People were acting just a tad crazy. So between no gas & the main roads becoming a parking lot leaving wasn’t easy. They say you don’t evacuate for the wind, but the surge & water afterwards. People leaving before they should creates the problems & cauyus there was this week. 

I’ll admit this is my 1st hurricane. And apparently I’m picking a doozie! I just recently celebrated my 4th FL-versary and there has been nothing like this. I’ve gone thru massive blizzards & leveling tornadoes. Even rain & flooding. But not a hurricane & definitely not a big one. So I’ve done a lot of educating myself this week. Speaking to friends who have been thru it & others that have lived here. I feel secure in the house (concrete block). Roommate finished boarding up the windows today & my car is actually in the garage now (it’s normally outside 24/7). We’re not in a flood zone nor an evacuation zone for the storm surge. I stocked up on foods that don’t need the fridge & water and Gatorade. I know we’ll lose power. Honestly that’s the part that probably bothers me most. The storm will have passed. The wind and rains stop. But we most likely won’t have power. It could be a week. Argh!! I’ve never been thru that part before. And it’s early September in Florida so temps still in the low 90s so another issue. I’ve got friends close by so I can hike over if I need to. I got cash this week too just in case. Car is filled with gas.  I’m going to take one last shower in the morning & then fill the tub with water. I’m going to have a small bag packed in case I need to get out. Be prepared has been my motto!

So best of luck to all in Irma’s path. I believe all of Florida will be affected somehow. Be safe, make good choices & we’ll get thru this. πŸ™πŸ€žπŸŒ€

Where the wind blows me

That’s how I’m feeling today. No real plans. Blah weather. I’m in the mood for something but I couldn’t tell you what??? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Right now I’m starting at the car dealership to get my tire replaced. Yup that’s the 3rd tire with a nail since this spring. I have no idea where I’m driving or parking that this is suddenly such an issue for me. Thank goodness for that tire warranty!!!! πŸ™

Not sure what my next stop will be. We’re getting a lot of rain. β›ˆ Not sure if that’s an off shoot from hurricane Harvey? I feel like just poking around & seeing what I find. This is rare for me cause usually I have everything so scheduled if I want to do anything. 

Here’s to hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend! πŸ’™πŸ’œβ€οΈ

Amazing time in WisconsinΒ 

It’s had been a crazy amazing hectic time up here. Weather has been great (or so I’m told cause this FL girl has been freezing at times!), people charitable (it was a big fundraiser) & overall just so nice escape.

The reason I’m here for work has been jam packed & a full schedule, but a lot of money has been raised for the charities (almost $20K!!). Very exciting to see the impact the money raised last year has done & to know even more has been raised this year is inspiring.

Staying at my friend’s farm is always so refreshing. Lots of open space & green grass. The views off the deck just make you step back & relax. It’s a great place for me to come & recharge. Things seem so much more simple. Amazing how people always complicate things. πŸ˜‚ 

I’m ready for my early morning of travel. The airport doesn’t even seem awake yet either. Looking forward to getting back home. I feel recharged after seeing friends for a week & ready go. Unfortunately my Fitbit broke yesterday so I’ll need to order a new one. At least a new one will have a warranty again!

Wheels up!

Waiting for my flight. It’s time for my annual trip north for my side job. I can’t wait!!! It will be so good to be around folks from back home & who I grew up with. 

I know I’ve been back from Canada only a little over a month but it’s time to get away again. There has been some drama among the friends & I don’t want any of it. I know it’s because they are unhappy & therefore pushing it on others. I recognize it cause I have been there & I refuse to get sucked back in. I have been trying to expand my circles and hang out with others. I’m also a lot more comfortable just being by myself so I do that too. 

I was supposed to meet a guy last night but when I let him know I was slightly delayed he asked to reschedule cause he had a big day at work coming & was going to bed. WTF??!! I don’t care that you want to reschedule. I don’t care that you’re going to bed early. What pisses me off is at WHAT point were you going to tell me you weren’t coming??? Yeah reschedule my ass. How about take a flying leap?? I sort of had a feeling he was a dbag cause he would text weird stuff & way too into what was I doing or with. And we hadn’t even met!! According to the Rules…NEXT!!!

Am I a shitty friend??

I am starting to wonder? Between friends dating or staying with terrible people I am really over the drama.

Friends who stay in unhappy miserable relationships and complain about it. I don’t know what to say anymore. This isn’t high school. You know it’s not working. Or you know you deserve better but don’t want to be alone (one girl actually said that!). You have choices yet you choose to stay in it. Sorry but after the first “omg we broke up crisis” and you keep going back I’m just not gonna hear it. Or you keep saying what a crappy loser he is. I should say I’ll listen but I’m not going to say anything. You aren’t listening anyway. And don’t be surprised when I’m less and less available to hear about the drama too. I’m just past it. 

Maybe cause I follow the policy of shame on you the first time & then its shame on me for the times after that?? When Joe walked out the 1st time it was a huge deal for me. My friends were there. They were supportive. When I got back with him a month later I didn’t say much to people cause I knew I had no one to blame but myself for going back. And then months later when I was really stupid and went back for a 3rd time I knew it was ALL on me. I knew my friends wouldn’t understand me & to be honest I couldn’t blame them! I had no idea why I was being so stupid?! But at least I recognized I was being dumb and didn’t expect them to be there for me. Hello we all saw what was coming & bless the day I finally had MY moment so I could walk away! I keep hoping my friends will have those revelations too.

Maybe because I’ve chosen to address my issues (I realize not everyone does) and work on myself I don’t care to go backwards. And that’s what I see them doing so it’s frustrating to me. I’ve been trying to change up my routine and social circles to get around less drama people. I don’t want to totally ditch my friends, but I can’t handle all the unnecessary drama. It’s like if you have a friend who is usually great until they start excessively drinking then it all goes to shit? So you avoid situations with them that include alcohol. That’s how I feel with my friends in shitty relationships…I just want to avoid that part for now. I’m still working on me & I don’t want to get sucked into going backwards.

Does that make me a shitty friend? πŸ€”

The Rules…let’s give it a shot

So I read The Rules book and it left me intrigued so I just finished reading the next one. 

It’s a little more updated and addresses the dating issues more of today like texting & social media & online dating (the first book talked about personal ads in the newspaper…so cute!). I like the stories they share of other women when things did or didn’t work out. It really got me thinking about my dating over the years & how I either missed the flags or refused to believe them. How I handled situations wrong or reacted the wrong way.

So I’m jumping in & giving it a whirl! Here’s to dating now like The Rules suggests. For starters I re-did my online profile by updating the pics & totally changed the written description area. I chose some current fun casual pictures & made a brief 3 sentence bio. Guys don’t read much, they really do pick using their peckers & if he wants to know more he’ll contact me. I will no longer make first contact (per the Rules that’s a big NO). Which if I want a man who knows what he wants, I need to let him do his thing right?? Makes sense.

Right off the bat I get a message yesterday. But you don’t respond right away The Rules say so I waited. Can you believe he messaged me again this morning just to say hi? Interesting so far. I wrote back at lunch short & simple following the Rules (write less than him). BAM he responded asap. Again very interesting. I’ll respond later after the gym.

Another guy wrote this morning so I’ll respond later today. Guys I had been talking to I’m now following Rules procedures. Whether it works or not I have no idea! But I’m rather intrigued as the guys are acting exactly how the book predicted and it’s up to me to decide how to handle it. Typically old me would have been replying last night back & forth and then wondering why in a few days I still had no potential date? Or accepting last minute plans which shows I’m not a priority. Instead I’m going to sit back, put to use some of my new knowledge & see what happens.