rejoice…the home is looking good!

My recent foray into home ownership is amazingly going well this week!! Now I know I just jinxed myself, but I have to take a moment to enjoy it.

The pool…you couldn’t see in the water & there were fish living in it…has turned out AMMMAAAAAZZZINGGG!!! So it had been ignored for 2-3 years, but was holding water so I had hope. Can you believe all it needed was a draining, power acid washing & new equipment?? Seriously for $2250 I have a working pool! There were even cute “under the sea” themed ceramic tiles scattered around the floor and steps. Here I had just hoped there wasn’t a dead animal (or worse!) in that green sludge. And the best part…my pool boy starts this week. I hope he’s decent eye candy….hey a girl can dream right?

I am even getting excited about the new roof that is happening this Tuesday. Now this was NOT a happy surprise. I had hoped for 2-3 years on the current roof but no dice. Happy St Patty’s gift to myself I suppose. I picture many days to come sitting in my yard gazing at my new roof. For $10K I want to enjoy seeing it for more than the 30 seconds pulling in & out of my driveway.

Today I am off to pick up a bed for my guest room. I have awesome friends who are the hunt for me since my budget is getting depleted at a rapid rate. I got a 10pm text “I found a bed, no sex, like new, you want?”. At first I’m thinking WTF but then hey why not? You can’t turn a free gift horse down. Even better is I had another friend offer to help me haul this bed. HOO RAH!!

The final step for now appears to be finding a water system. I have well & septic, but have been told by many the water is yuck! Plus I have all new appliances so I don’t want to run yuck water thru them either. The next few days are going to be an education in ariators, iron ionizes, reverse osmosis & I don’t know what else.


let’s see what happens

In online dating world that is the phrase of death I have learned.

It starts so promising every time…somebody with a profile that sounds appealing, a few emails back & forth without him acting like a douchebag, a suggestion to meet up for drinks or equally casual and then 2 things occur. 1–boy wonder disappears cause he wasn’t real (hello Catfish!) OR 2–“what’s your schedule, yeah this weekend, oh let’s see what happens”. Then NOTHING happens. About 2 weeks later an email “hey we never got together” (no shit Sherlock you never followed up) only to have the same thing happen again. Except I have gotten smarter…2 strikes & you’re blocked. Don’t waste my time.

Is it wrong of me to expect somebody to make plans? I have seen the movie & read the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” and some of it stuck with me. If a guy WANTS to see me, he WILL make it happen. By that I mean actually make plans, set up a date, etc… None of this let’s see what way the wind blows me that day crap. Am I right? Perhaps it is the great Sunshine State that encourages this la de dah attitude towards making plans or committing to do anything? Yes I do live on an island, but I use clocks…island time while cute to say or do when on vacation is extremely frustrating to live around full time. Maybe the Windy City in me just can’t slow down yet?

So here I am on another Friday night after a “let’s see what happens” email from a guy earlier this week. He will get one more shot before the block…but in the mean time I’m going out. Yes Virginia, it turns out there ARE people down here who DO makes plans in advance!

online dating never fails….

….to entertain!

I have kept with online dating despite the lack of success for several reasons. How does one meet people nowadays? I don’t care to hang at bars to meet a barfly, most of my friends are coupled up & perhaps who knows…it just might happen?! I think my profile is pretty on target of who I am & what I am looking for. My pictures are all recent & appropriate…no naked bathroom selfies or my hoo-ha exposed. Not interested in playing games & DEFINITELY not looking for an email buddy.

So what gives??? Why all the sleazy douchebags contacting me? One guy in his profile said he pays college girls to escort him & then he writes me wondering why I wasn’t just beyond thrilled to meet his old ass & go on trips with him or be impressed by his home in a gated community (let’s be honest…all assisted care facilities are fenced in!)? Ummm….because it’s not what I am looking for perv! Another just told me to f—- myself because I won’t drive 75 miles to randomly meet him & I must only want a toothless redneck. I responded how charming he was & wished him good luck.

Let me also add…the guys who are the biggest dicks are the most unrealistic. They aren’t Ken dolls, they aren’t rich, they sure don’t have it all going on….but they want the girl with EVERYTHING. I think they confuse online dating with online shopping & think they can order up a girl like it’s the <fill in your online shopping site> & hit the check out button. Perhaps my criteria is too low…be single, have a job, like to laugh/have fun, wants a relationship…so I’m not filtering out the crazy?

Chime in here…keep hoping it might happen online? Any ideas where else to try meeting sane single fun grown ups?

the joys of home owning

Ahhh….things were so progressing nicely on the home. The HMDQ tile guy finished (it looks quite so good I give him props for that!) so my electrician was able to return to finish his part. My POD was delivered AND unloaded last weekend! I was so happy to watch that monthly payment pull away. The plumber came for what has turned into a PITA project. Is it bad when you keep apologizing to your contractors? I know on one hand it’s their job & they ARE getting paid (quite a bit more than the rough estimates we thought it would be), but really why must little things turn into big things??? Yes, I know foreclosures are a crapshoot.  Yes, I recognized there had been work done without permits (have I yet mentioned I work in the Building field so my poor co-workers have been subjected to assisting with “our” home project as well?). But to actually start ripping into what everybody thought was maybe a 1/2 day project & a week later?  Argh….

I will say that my tree remover guy is awesome!!  I am seriously in   ❤   ❤   ❤   with chain saws, trucks & grinders. BEST things I have ever met! About 75% of my yard has been taken away or cut down or ground out…but the home had been vacant 2-3 years so it was quite a mess. My landscaping mentality of “when in doubt rip it out” is also catching on with my neighbor…I notice the Jurassic Park jungle next door now has some sunlight coming thru! Today is the day though we start cutting the trees shared on the property line. Now I am not being a complete asshat…I spoke with them a week ago about my plans & what is being trimmed. I even offered to split costs if they want to take any trees completely down (I will add these are not good healthy trees, but sickly gross old stuff) & they’ve had time to ponder. Fingers crossed they don’t shoot my tree guy (he is going to check one last time before starting this afternoon).

And now the bad house news of the week…I need a new roof.  😦  I had hoped for a couple of years, but since it failed the inspection for insurance this week I have no choice. The quotes are starting to roll in & I am hoping for the best.

Enjoy the weekend folks. And RIP Leonard Nimoy…you have brought me many smiles when watching Big Bang.

live well

Living well is the best revenge.

I don’t know who said or when, but IT IS SO TRUE!!

I recently ran into a mutual acquaintance from when I had dated what turned out to be a lying piece of shit douchebag last spring. He disappeared with another girl leaving me to wonder wtf after we had been together several months. I knew his life wasn’t all the roses he claimed when about 4 months after falling off Earth he suddenly found my number.  For about 6 weeks last fall every couple of days he’d pop up.  I wondered if he’d joined AA & was on the apology step? Obviously this girl had learned her lesson & wasn’t about to go backwards so he finally gave up. But what little I did learn from his texts & calls was amazingly delightful…everything I could have ever hoped to happen did. God is good!! And seeing this mutual (turns out to be his now former) friend last week filled in the gaps with even better news. He got himself fired, moved away, lost

 his friends, financial issues…TOTAL AMAZEBALLS. I really enjoyed just sitting back & listening. 🙂

So folks there is no need to waste time seeking revenge….live your life the best  you can & people will get what they deserve. And if you are really lucky you get to watch! I look at my life since last summer…yes it was rough to start cause nobody likes being dumped but things are so much better than if I would have remained with this POS DB.

Guys and the random left field text

So what is with guys & the random haven’t heard from you here’s a text??  Really…you just thought of me now after how many days or weeks or MONTHS that you just suddenly wanted to know how I am??  Call it what it is….you’re looking for some booty & want to know if it’s available.  Let’s just be honest…we are all adults or so one would think!

I was the lucky recipient of TWO texts like that this weekend.  One from a guy named Troy (FYI all names will be modified not to protect the stupid but so we can poke fun should anybody I know in real life ever find my blog). Troy has been around for several months as a friend, I think (thought?) he was a decent guy & I would have liked more of a relationship with him.  The new year rolls around & things started (I thought) moving forward for us. Yay right?  But when I casually asked where this was going…he pulls the “well I have kids” card. No shit Sherlock, I wondered who those little people were all these months (yes I have met & hung out with the 2 daughters)! I even said to Troy if all this is IS just friends hooking up just say it. Then I got “well whatever I do has to be for the best of the girls cause it’s not just me”. Again no kidding??  I have to admit I got a little pissed at this point & my feelings hurt cause while I have been called many things in life, a poor or bad role model has never been one of them. Especially when compared to their delightful less than respectful egg incubator who is not winning any parenting awards may I add. So this weekend after almost 2 weeks of disappearing (not even a hey there on Valentine’s) I get the “hi hope the house is coming along & everything is good”.  Might I add we not only work together (not directly but same company) but are also Facebook friends (and I am a fairly active FB-er). So when Troy sends these random texts I find it rather entertaining cause 1-you know how I am & 2-if this is a booty text YOU FAIL. Are guys really that dumb or is it just Troy?

The other random text came from a guy I have listed in my phone as Douchebag (first name). I admit this threw me a little as I couldn’t recall him.  And apparently listing people as Douchebag ______ in my phone is fairly common I discovered also. I then remembered after searching this was a guy a co-worker had set me up with (so I couldn’t be totally rude to him) A YEAR AGO. We went to dinner once. He complained about what I ate (I ordered the same meal as him), asked if my hair was dyed (I have highlights), how I smelled (I did shower that night) & finally my favorite….my height like I can do anything about it. I am almost 5’11” so depending on what shoes I wear it can alter, but seriously?? Obviously I saw no future for us & after his running commentary figured he didn’t either.  Apparently I was wrong cause every once in awhile I get the random text from him.  WHY????  He asked what was new (code for have I met anybody). I said I moved. That’s not a total lie. I just didn’t mention it was only a few miles. 😉

And update on the home repair/moving front….it’s going well!!  Got quite a bit done this weekend. My tree remover guy is really getting into my “if it looks dead, ugly or high maintenance rip it out” instructions. Unfortunately for my neighbor man I may have inspired his wife cause now today I hear on the other side of the fence his chain saw firing up & trees moving in the jungle. Their backyard looks like Jurassic Park when the dinos are moving the bushes but you can’t see them!  You would then hear neighbor lady yell at him to keep going or what to hack down next when he would stop. I fear he is probably not very happy with me.

HMDQs…or my tile contractor

Ahhh….the joys of buying a foreclosed home and dealing with contractors. Who knew the tile guy could turn into such a high maintenance drama queen??  My plumber & electrician–bless their hard working show up to work souls–can’t finish their jobs cause the HMDQ took over a 2+ car garage and most of the empty home (all he had to tile was the 3 bedrooms). I am trying to not go apeshit, but really…just get the job finished that you told me would be done last Thursday so we all can move on.  Argh! On the plus side the tree removers started…I never thought I would find a chainsaw, truck & chains so exciting.  Progress is happening. The hard part is going to be approaching my new neighbor who don’t seem to care about their yard that I will be removing any trees hanging onto my property.

Did we all survive the greatest single person reminder of the year?? I didn’t jump off the end of the pier so it was a success in my book. I love my guy friends…they sent me some texts during the day & made me laugh. Shout out to the good guys still out there!!  You give me hope 🙂  And I got some great discount chocolate on Sunday.

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