so who else got dumped on Valentine’s Day??

Yes Valentine’s Day was a bit ago, but pardon me…it was a bit rough this year. The guy I had been seeing for almost 9 months waited for me to leave for work, packed up the items he kept at my house & when I got home that was my surprise to figure out. When I called him bewildered asking what was going on, he didn’t have much to say before (how convenient) his phone stopped dialing/rec’ing calls. The next morning I got a text that my stuff is sitting in a box outside his house. WTF

I was blind sided. I was left no explanation. I had to make calls to cancel a cruise. Refund airline miles. Change plans we had made. This was not how I had planned on spending my holiday weekend! I made an appointment with the therapist, I went to work, I kept functioning, but I’m a mess. I miss him, I don’t. I love him, I’m mad. I’m conflicted cause WHO was that person at the end?? Not somebody I had ever seen.

The bonus of all this (if there is to be one)Β is I lost almost 15 lbs & am back to my high school weight! Bring on that 20 year reunion now!


Tornadoes 0, House 1

So we have had some CRAZY weather here the last couple days, but my house did great! Tons of water…won’t be needing to fill the pool for sure. Glad I had that gutter installed as it seems to be doing the job! Tornadoes came thru the area & some microbursts. Roofs ripped off & debris damage in the area, but again all good here. Yay!!

On the dating front things have been great with PC. We had fun last weekend at the house of the mouse! But I won’t lie…his 2 adult daughters don’t like me (no idea why) & I am disappointed this is how it is, but someday that may change. After a rough month PC is trying to establish relationships with them that doesn’t rely on him giving them cash or whatever they want in order for them to contact him. For his sake I am hopeful it happens, but I don’t think they have matured enough yet.

Who else is enjoying the day off? I’m trying to motivate myself but I must admit…doing nothing is nice!

Gutters here…take that ants!

So this week I had a gutter installed on the only side of my house that didn’t have one. I know…it makes no sense to me either! Unfortunately the un-guttered side is where all the water equipment is & of course perfectly lined up so the water runs right off the roof on to it. Which apparently the little ants don’t care for so they take up shelter in (of all places) the switch for the water pump. Several times I have been mod shower only to have the water cut off. WTF?!?! Sometimes it would come back after 10 minutes, sometimes not. After several calls to the water people and making them come out (in their defense they kept telling me it was ants & I sort of thought they were crazy) I came up with a new plan to defeat the little bastards. Get a gutter installed to help direct the water better & start poisoning the shit out of the area by the water pump. Either the ants will die or I will…so far I believe I am winning!!!!Β  πŸ™‚


Isn’t the new gutter & downspout (the center one) amazing? I asked Santa for this for Christmas & it worked! I know the rest of the area isn’t amazing looking yet but I have plans as the budget grows again.

Happy 2016


For the 1st time since ohhhhh 2004 or 2005 I was dating somebody on NYE & didn’t have to be a 3rd wheel with my friends. So what did PC & I do??? We slept after work, got some Taco Bell at 9pm & stayed home. What is wrong with me?!?!? But it was perfect actually. The place we were going was estimating 30K people coming to celebrate & going out just lost it’s appeal. Having a low key night in & actually feeling rested for my long weekend feels pretty great! I hope however you chose to ring in the new year you had fun & enjoyed it.

The house is getting some work this week. Last Sunday funday we went to town trimming a palm tree. There were no snakes thank god in it!!! I’ve had a few “holy shit SNAKE” encounters & its nothing I will get used to. Shout out to my lawn guy also for hauling all the stuff away. I had it stacked & was making arrangements to the dump when he texted me he took it after mowing. Sweet! I am having the HVAC checked this week. It was a brand new when I got the house (the bank f’d up & put in a new one) so I want to be good & keep it maintained. Also having a gutter installed on the 1 side. Why would you gutter 3 sides of your home, but leave the side over your water equipment to get dripped on? Yeah FL is just weird sometimes.

Leaving the nest…fly little bird fly

When does one leave the nest? The cushy home your parent(s) have created for you where you can (pretend) to be king/queen of the castle with no responisibility & your needs are magically taken care of? I think the sterotype I grew up with was after high school going away to college & after graduation continuing upon the path of life with your own housing. The option I took was attending a local college & after getting a 2 year degree then moving out. My parent’s didn’t make or push me, but I was approaching 21 & had been fairly independent during my college days (I house/pet sat tons & wasn’t really home much anyways) so living with the parentals didn’t seem super appealing. Found a roommate & moved to an apartment.

The reason I bring this up is the boyfriend (we’ll call him Prince Charming or PC πŸ˜‰ ) spoke with his oldest (21) about moving out this past weekend. Let me tell you the amount of drama that has rained down since. I am amazed by the truly awful things she has also said to PC even though the egg donor is who ran off in the divorce & had a very strained relationship with her girls ever since so he raised them. The funny thing is yes she was crying (nothing new…she cried for 6 weeks about a boy she barely knew this summer) but said she knew it was coming. She is also not homeless…the egg donor has a room for her & she stays there often anyways. In fact she was who opened the door to this conversation by stating she was going to stay at mother’s “for awhile”. Apparently the latest story is PC has kicked her out, the egg donor is texting what a terrible father PC is & his friends are contacting him cause kid #1 has gone running to them crying she is homeless. Draaaammmaaaa.

I don’t recall moving out ever being this dramatic…with ANY of my friends. And we all left our nests at various points between 18-20 somethings under different circumstances. The sad part I pointed out to PC is he is actually parenting rather than being the kids BFF which they sadly can’t even recognize cause their mother is so focused on just being a bestie.

So what say you? Is leaving the nest REALLY this dramatic nowadays for offspring?

I’m back…from outer space

Oh where has time gone?? I have been MIA & I apologize, but life has been good. Amazing I know.

I have been living in the house since May. After I moved in I was really over the whole house project thing & took most of the summer off from dealing with it. I had a kid who mowed the yard as needed & a pool guy, but the rest of it coasted. I didn’t even feel like decorating. Around mid-August I started getting the bug again & wanting to be Susie Homemaker. I hired a real weekly lawn service after the kid failed to show up for over 3 weeks & my yard resembled some wild hay field. Now in the winter 3 weeks without mowing isn’t a issue, but during a rainy summer? Yeah I was THAT house on the street! Also fired & hired a new pool guy. Don’t want to do the work you claim I am paying you for…next. So that right there got the house looking back on track at least!

Dating wise…I have been seeing a guy since the end of May (also why the lack of posts I am sure). It’s going really well. I won’t lie…I kept waiting the 1st 8 weeks for the lying douchebag side to show up after my previous dating experiences. I finally listened to friends when they said to stop trying to find it. So we had a really busy fun summer! The only thing that creates an issue here are his 2 adult children who are 21 & 18. Things started out ok with both girls (oh yes so lucky its girls) but after a few weeks when they realized I wasn’t going anywhere things changed. And the things they come up with…let’s just say the blog will be interesting!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas if I’m not back before!

Updates updates updates!!!

It is official…I moved in to the house last weekend! PARTY!! πŸ™‚

It’s going well. Things appear to be working for the most part. I found water outside by the water pump after work…turns out the gauge was leaking & a call to my water guy fixed that. Had my first pool casualty…found a frog floating (I didn’t kiss him). Let the pool man handle that & I need a new pool filter also.

Lesson 1 of homeownership – program all your contractors into your cell phone.

Lesson 2 of homeownership – have credit card handy. In fact just memorize the card info would be easiest.

Of course getting cable & internet hooked up has been a total nightmare. You would think I moved to middle of nowhere instead of an established subdivision of 1000s of homes? Seriously it shouldn’t be this hard. 2 hours on the phone regarding the internet Friday night resulted in a visit Saturday & 6.5 hours involved which still didn’t leave me with working internet! They have actually DOWNGRADED my speed to maintain the connection & have me flagged to keep testing/working on it. Today I just rec’d a call to reboot the modem & amazingly it’s working. Still going to monitor for a few days, but it’s working!!!! Now the really awesome news would be if they also lower the price of my service since I dropped to a lower package…stay tuned for that.

Cable…it’s been a week & the 1 tv isn’t working. At least my bedroom tv & DVR is so I can live with that. In 2 weeks I have an appt for another tech to come out (yes that is my choice to wait cause I refuse to miss work for this nonsense). Let’s hope that resolves the TV issue.

On the dating front…I reopened my online profile so there should be plenty of fodder to report back. I already am starting to wonder if any decent men do exist in my neck of the beach? Never heard again from Harvard aka Liar Liar so either he realized I figured his BS out or he heard me when I said lose my number. Went out for a drink with a new online match…pretty much a waste 2 seconds after I walk in I realized. When I found him in the back corner of the bar, he admitted to “hiding & seeing what I would do”. Really douchebag? I should have walked out, but damn me for being too polite. Instead I stayed an hour & then had to burn all my clothes cause it was a such a smokey disgusting hole in the wall joint. I have nothing against small local places but it really was an awful hole for a 1st meeting & he just wanted to people watch he said so that’s why he picked it. Again, nice job douchebag.

Hopefully fingers crossed this internet continues working & I can report back more!

Just a girl still trying to find love & happiness by the beach