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so ready for the weekend

Whew…this has been a week! People be crazy I tell you. Work brought a lot of that. One lady came in several days this week yelling discrimination, threatening to sue & causing a scene among several departments. Next was the ever so polite gentleman who left a post it on the front wall that said “BITCH” with an arrow pointing at the front counter. Really…how old are we? And if you have an issue with staff, then speak to our supervisor. Oh wait, she’s a woman too so you probably hate her as well.

I completed my 1st 10K last Saturday!! I was super excited to finish so well (1:20 was my official time). I had planned on just walking, but ended up running probably close to 2.5 miles. I still finished feeling pretty good so I am on track for the more important 10K the end of April now! I have been really good the last month about getting in my steps & being more active.

My mom came down to visit last weekend. We went over to Disney on Sunday for the Flower & Garden festival. It was a good day just strolling around finding all the topiaries & chilling out. Some good people watching too. lol We do laugh a lot I have to say! My dad’s knee replacement last month went well & his recovery is coming along. I am hoping he’ll come visit soon too.

Kickball playoffs on Wednesday started this week & people decide not to show up. WTF? You can’t use subs so we had to play shorthanded, but amazingly those of us that came gelled together really well & pulled off a win. I was surprised honestly. I think next week the 1st game is going to end our season regardless who comes to play…the other team is very solid. But we had a good time! We are trying to field our team for next season & replace players which is a little more daunting than I had anticipated. Obviously as we lose original players, I want to replace them with better players so I am being selective in who I ask. I’m really looking forward to kickball tonight! It’s gotten to be a really fun bunch of people who play & we have a good time.

So here’s a funny…one of the guys from Wednesday kickball asked me out for drinks after the games. What’s interesting is I have known him from our Friday night league for awhile, but we never spoke or talked there. I had fun…played some pool, hung out with other players, talked a little. It was very low key…in fact so much that afterwards I was like hmmm what was that?? I like him, but I need to see where he’s headed with this. I am done making the first moves! I think I just also suck at dating. It’s such a gray area thing it seems & I have become a more black & white person.

Not sure what the game plan is for this weekend yet. Tomorrow I would like to get a bridge walk in (I have been doing that the last few Tuesdays since I stopped cornhole), but my feet are hurting today. I had to visit the foot doctor yesterday & he did some work on my nails. UGH! I know in a few days it will be fine, but right now it hurts! I wouldn’t mind a little beach time, but perhaps sand isn’t a good combo for the toes right now. I have been at the beach every weekend lately so I am getting my sunshine fix for sure. Sunday I have been hearing will be crappy weather so stuck inside. Maybe a movie?


In like a lion 🦁

March is arriving like a lion. RAAWWRRR!!!

Life is going well. I am almost scared to say that though. My new year resolutions of ignoring unhappy people & getting rid of time wasters is working out super. I have been hanging around positive people & focusing on my needs. I am actually done playing cornhole for now which is a little weird after 4 years every week, but it was time to try some new stuff. You would think it would free up 2 of my evenings, but it really doesn’t cause I am trying to get ready for upcoming 10Ks so I am putting in more time walking. I do get home earlier though which is a nice trade off.

I am playing in 2 kickball leagues which is fun! The Wednesday night crew is fun & we actually have hung out outside of kickball so meeting more people is great. We are getting ready to end the season, but most of us will be returning next season. Friday night kickball just started & will be a good time. The bonus part–Joe the creeper couldn’t fill his team so they aren’t playing this season! And since I am not playing Tuesday cornhole right now that means I NO LONGER HAVE TO SEE HIM!!!! Isn’t that amazing??? That’s how it frigging should have been 2 years ago!!! Life is so good. lol

Work has been ok. It is more enjoyable since I am doing just my job duties. I feel less stress & am much more caught up. An opening in another department did come up in February & yesterday I applied. I don’t know where it will go or if anything will even come of it, but at least I did it! The job closes on March 9th so it will be a bit before I hear anything either way.

My diet is good–I hit 12 pounds lost this morning! I have been sticking to my food plan except for the alcohol (lol I know). I might try to decrease it a little more to like 1000 calories a day & see what happens. Just under 4 weeks left in the gym challenge so I am motivated! I feel stronger & have really been putting in effort at the gym. A few people who haven’t seen me lately said my shape is changing & I am looking thinner so there is some progress! I was pleased last month also to become a Just Strong ambassador. They are a fitness clothing company in the UK that promotes & encourages women. So not only is it fun clothes to wear around, but I love the message of girl power being spread! If you decide you want to order I can give my discount code! http://www.juststrongclothing.com

So all in all I LOVE that March is roaring in!!! Feel the power! Know your value! 💙💚💛🧡❤️

Super weekend to start the week!

I had a GREAT weekend! Lots of fun & laughs & just kicking back.

Friday night started with going to hear the band that I like to follow at a fun bar with a group from the gym. It’s an outdoor covered tiki bar which is perfect in FL cause rain or shine we keep going! I met a guy on Bumble recently & it turns out our mutual friends are from the gym so they brought him with also. Robert is good looking, from Czech (cute accent) & a lot of fun. Probably too much fun. Like I picture a different girl every night fun. lol We did hit it off & ended up at a few more bars that night before I dropped him off in the wee morning hours. As tempting as he was (and let me say HE WAS TEMPTING), I wasn’t going to stay with him that night. Something about him just had my gut saying pump the brakes…and usually that gut instinct smells something not right even if all else looks good! If he’s seriously interested he’ll contact me again & ask me out.

Saturday I didn’t get my butt out of bed until it was time to get ready to go out again. I went out with my BFF Jess who we haven’t seen each other in like a month thanks to crazy schedules & her boyfriend. We went to another bar where no surprise I run into fuckboy Andy. Yeah Mr I’m gonna get back with my GF but still take you to dinner. He was at the bar (alone may I add) so I strolled right up next to him, chatted with the bartender for a few (he’s the groom in the wedding I’m going to in May) & said a few words to Andy before joining my group at the other bar. My bartender couldn’t stop laughing when I walked up cause she said 1–I looked smoking hot (it was a good night!) & 2–fuckboy kept staring my direction now. lol Whatever, not looking int he rear view mirror anymore. I was happy cause shortly after that Nate showed up. He’s a guy from the Wednesday night kickball & is pretty cool. I kinda got a vibe he might like me too so I was like why not & invited him out. We had a lot of fun talking & laughing & did a little dancing. Unfortunately my drinks hit me way hard (I’m usually pretty good so this was a little surprising) & it was getting late so my ride was leaving. We did kiss a little, but not enough to make things weird at kickball. And he’s been messaging me a little. And he told Jess he really likes me. lol

Unfortunately the ride home was not one of my best moments. Poor Kevin had to pull the truck over. Maybe even several times. I don’t recall. The man is a champ I told Jess! I know I was home when my roommate got home & he couldn’t stop laughing. Neither could I the next day when I eventually woke up & started moving again. Hey…you only live once right? What a weekend it was!!!

And oh yeah—go Eagles!!


On track now!

I decided January was pretty much just me getting ready for 2018 to start February 1st. So I’m a little delayed 🤷🏼‍♀️ Being sick wiped me out for several weeks and I finally started feeling better last week. But it gave me time to think and decide on a plan of attack moving forward.

My diet has to change. The weight has to go. 40 is coming & I refuse to start it like this! In January I upped my gym member ship to 3 days a week which was a good start, but my food intake is wildly out of control. 😭 So starting this week I am having pre-made meals delivered to home. The fat kid can’t be in charge cause obviously I have no control! I’m on day 3 of reduced calories and better eating…no one has died. Honestly though I feel better. And I’m not hungry. Amazing what properly planned meals can do and it makes it very simple which is also nice.

The Wednesday night kickball is going well. The team I was put on is really fun & we have a good time playing. It’s nice to meet a whole new set of people. The cornhole on Tuesday ended with us winning the finals!!! And we eliminated Joe on the way to the end which was an added bonus to the night. YAY!! 😝🏆 Not sure if we’ll play next season & have a month off so in the mean time I’m attending track workouts with my gym group on Tuesday nights. Gotta get those steps in!

Work is going ok. I’ve had some duties taken from me recently which I got upset about originally, but upon further thought it was stuff that wasn’t my job to do & now I’m freed up to do my actual job. It’s really improved the stress level for me having things simplified. Now my coworker is freaking out with all the added duties she has but hey…it wasn’t my choice. Hearing how cranky or unhappy she is makes me realize how bad I probably sounded. Glad it’s not me anymore!

Mom was just down here to celebrate her birthday. We went to Disney for a few days & had a really good time! Did the Aloha dinner and also did a tour at Magic Kingdom (take the Keys to the Kingdom tour–amazing!!). Our relationship has really improved. I’m hoping my parents will be back to visit again in the next few months. Dad is having knee replacement next week 🤞

It’s been a busy week so I’m looking forward to the weekend!


on the upswing

Unfortunately I came down with the plague that is going around last week. I would like to thank all the asshole customers who came into our work sick & coughing on us thinking it was funny. Really it’s not. I made it to work Friday morning to do our 1st (un)organized walk before work, but then I left shortly after. Most of my department got wiped out as well & called in sick.

Saturday I had plans with friends I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for so I was determined to feel better. I medicated myself (I actually did feel better too) & off we went for the day. But it was too much cause that night I got back in bed & didn’t leave it for 2 days. I haven’t been sick like throwing up (that would be a good sick to have!), but just head cold & sinus & no energy. Others have it much worse. I’ve heard it can take some weeks to fully recover, but I am trying to keep myself somewhat on schedule. Too much time off & I fear I will never catch up! Monday was a holiday from work, but a total waste since I spent it in bed.

Tuesday I went to work, but only half our department showed up so we were all moving pretty slow. lol After work I stopped by the gym & spent my “class” just walking on the treadmill. Luckily my trainer was really cool about my lack of participation. lol I wanted to do something, but no way did I have any energy to really work out! I do need to start getting ready for my upcoming 10K (March 3rd!) even if I am just walking so I have to get more steps in. I then had cornhole which was pretty good overall. We won the 1st game & then had to play Joe’s team. Which we started out losing, but then won the next 2 rounds so YAY US!!! Not gonna lie–whooping on him a little did make me feel better. hahaha!! Next week is the playoffs & then I’m not sure what’s happening. I don’t know if my partner will want to play another season although I have had a good time playing with her.

Today is going pretty well. Feeling a bit better than yesterday so continuing on the upswing. I have my 1st kickball game with the new team tonight, but not until 9:30!! EEK! And the temps are supposed to drop into the 30’s tonight so I am going to freeze! lol Time to find all the layers I had on a few weeks ago.


stay away unhappy people & time wasters

Two of my New Year resolutions (actually they should just be all the time reminders) is not to let unhappy people bring me down & get rid of the time wasters. I have to draw a line & not allow these types of people in my life or to ruin it. It’s hard to sometimes spot them cause they put on a good front so you’re fooled or unfortunately over time they morph into one of those people so you have to cut them loose.

Time wasters. Nothing pisses me off more than these people! If I lose money, I can always work more to make more. If something breaks, I can go buy another. You get the idea. Now I will probably be ticked about it, but it’s a “fixable” thing. But to waste my time that I can’t ever get back? Oh hell no!! I am learning to value myself & know what I am worth…and I am worth a whole lot more than people wasting my time! It turns out that Brian was a giant time waster. And when I called him out on Friday night about it he probably didn’t like hearing that very much. After texting me daily for 3 weeks straight & then hanging out with me at kickball Friday (like followed my team around & not his afterwards) & then coming out to the bar again with me, he’s all “are you coming to my house to snuggle” when we’re leaving. So I simply asked where this was going? Oh how fast he pedaled!! He has to focus on his career & new job. He doesn’t have time for a relationship. Blah blah blah. It’s the same old shit we all have heard. I said well I heard that all from his other chick so I didn’t know what was true/real which he tried to brush off being with her, but I said no really I am better than that. Which he agreed (I love how they do acknowledge it at least). He then says well I’m going to keep bugging you so I replied with yeah I don’t need any more bros so I am good. And I just held my ground staring right back at him. I’m not going to cave to a time waster once I see them for what they are! So he called me “such a pain in the ass” I am sure trying to be funny but my humor was gone. I nicely said “no I am irresistible**…(pause)…but by the time you realize it it will be too late” and started walking to my car. He yells text me when you get home (which I strongly resisted giving him the finger over my shoulder) & instead I said “good bye Brian”. He did send me a text on the way home which I didn’t answer & I haven’t heard from him since. Too dah loo MF!

** SIDE NOTE –now I do not believe myself to be “irresistible” or anything like that but in my somewhat intoxicated state I was going for another word (irreplaceable?) & unfortunately that was what popped out of my mouth so I just went with it. No way was I going to fumble on words in my moment with this dumbass!

Unhappy people. We all know them. We try to avoid them. Unfortunately when it’s at work & people in charge of me, I can’t ignore or cut them off (which would be my normal response). I received the job offer on Monday from the meeting/interview last week. Unfortunately it just isn’t feasible for me to accept it. When I actually lined up on paper what both companies have to offer me…I would be losing on every level at the new employer. Pay, hours, insurance, time off, retirement. So I was a little bummed to realize it’s not the right opportunity for me right now, but it also made me realize I really do have a good job that offers me a lot & I actually enjoy what I do for work. It’s just the unhappy people around me. So I need to learn how to work with that & not let it affect me. I will just be the happiest me I can be & if others want to be unhappy then let them. I don’t want to live that way…I have way too many good things going on! Focus more on my job (we are super busy) & let the side things go. In the last few days there have also been some big changes in other departments which could affect our department (people leaving, changing positions, etc…) so perhaps there will be some staff changes. I can wait a few months & see how it plays out.

My coworker & I are starting up a Friday morning before work walk for anybody that wants to join. Just an easy stroll to get the day started. We are getting some positive feedback & hopefully since I am now accountable I’ll get some more steps in (training for my upcoming 10Ks hasn’t been happening). I was also asked to join a Wednesday night kickball league cause they need more girls for a team. I don’t know anybody there (that I’m aware of at least) so this hopefully is a great opportunity for me to meet a bunch more new people. 18 teams with 10 people each is a whole lot of new people! My Friday night kickball season has ended (we got an early elimination last week thanks to all of us playing like crap) so I have over a month of free Fridays now! And this month I upped my gym member ship to 3 visits a week. I really need to lose weight. I am at the heaviest I have been in years & I know it’s from the unhappiness of the last 6 months. So lots of changes happening & change is exciting sometimes!!


more catching up

so to resume the catch up of the past few months….

My living situation changed again. Before the hurricane in September arrived (the real one, not the roommate’s GF) he informed me that his GF would be moving in October 1st. But nothing was really going to change he claimed. She still was going to work several hours away so she would only be staying at the house a few days a week (like she was doing) when she wasn’t working (yeah I don’t understand any of it either). Men are so dumb. We all knew it was going to change, but ok he can keep on believing it’s not going to. hahahaha!!! Then during the hurricane like literally as it’s passing over the top of us they are having some big fight lets talk about our relationship moment while completely intoxicated which even you can now guess didn’t go well. Storm ends, GF leaves, he informs me they are broke up & she is not moving in. I figured in a few days that would change cause that’s the game they play (high school make up break up), but when it reached over 2 weeks I was even a bit surprised. Then I come home one night from the bar to find a moving truck in the driveway & oh yeah she’s moved in. Super. I don’t want this drama in my life so I figure I’ve got about 2-3 months before it gets really bad (which will be during the holidays so even more awesome) & I need to be gone. Time to start checking the housing ads. After 2 weeks of her being there I know I definitely will need to be moving cause it is just SO weird. Nobody speaks in the house & you can feel the tenseness. Luckily I was working weekends at my side job too & that got me away from it. End of October my brother John asks if I want to move in with him. He & his GF had ended things & she had moved out already. I’ll be honest at first I was worried about the drama & BS it would cause (these people were part of the group when we went to Costa Rica together), but then we talked logistics more (he has a 9 yo son & 4 yo daughter that live there part time also) & it started to sound like it could work. I gave myself a few days to ponder it & decided I really needed to make the best decision for me so I agreed to move in. I gave the roommate & his GF 10 days notice since I had no contract (I pay rent on the 10th) & started moving my things over early November. I only moved about a mile down the street so location wise not much has really changed for me. Once I did move in I wasn’t around much the 1st month anyways (travel, working extra, house sitting for 2 weeks) which I think helped give the kids more time to adjust. And me. hahaha! I have never lived with kids before & it’s a trip!! They make me laugh & I enjoy their company. It’s been 2 months now & I don’t regret it. It was a good decision for me. Yes, there was some drama shit & still is from his ex-gf, but it doesn’t affect me. That part of my life is going pretty well.

Dating has been interesting. I think it was end of September/early October when I got a random text from Will. Yup the guy who just disappeared after saying he lost his job back the end of July. He wanted to talk. I’m thinking well if I get dinner out of it at a nice restaurant then I’ll go listen for a bit. Turns out he wasn’t in the area so I was like ehhh f off don’t want to hear it. hahaha!! Went on a few dates with some guys either from online or friends introduced but nothing ever sparked or came of it. Fuckboy got in there for a few weeks. Mark from the summer kept popping up. We have dinner like once a month or so, but definitely never going to be anything there. We were at a mutual friends party in early December & he crossed the line as far as behavior & appropriateness goes for friends. But he was so drunk he had no idea when he tried to contact me a few days later. It’s sad really. I haven’t seen him since & he just texted me for Christmas, but I can’t have one sided relationships. Maybe you think I’m great to have in your life yet what do you bring to mine?? It’s not 50/50. I have learned to value myself more this year & I want more from the people I choose to be around. The loser users can step aside.

I did meet a guy mid-December that I have been pondering (Brian). It was at kickball (yup still playing lol). We went out that night to hear my friend’s band. Had a good time & he acted interested. Been texting me every day. Hung out with his friends for drinks the next week. Ok. Now I’m kind of wondering where things are cause he’s only hugged me & that’s it. Christmas Eve night I’m super bored (all my family is up north) & he was going to a friend’s party after his family dinner so asked if I wanted to go. Had a nice time & got back to his house (he lives close by me) and hung out some more. He then says he’s going to bed & I can stay if I want. Hmmmm…. Do you want me to? Sure. Do you have pjs? Sure. And that was it. We laid in bed. He did have his arm around me all night. But nothing happened. Seriously????????????? Not even a kiss or anything. I woke up about 7 & was like uh oh I need to get home before Santa comes (living with kids!) so I got up. He got up also & walked me out and gave me a hug. And we’ve continued to text since. But no future plans have been made either.

So wtf?? Am I in the friend zone? Does he like me & isn’t sure? Is it that time of year? I have no frigging clue! I feel next time I see him I am going to ask about it.