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Hump day ho hums

Blah the rain. Yes we needed it. Yay we are ok longer a high fire risk. The grass is green & growing. But come on…since last Thursday night it’s been on/off & starting Monday pretty much all day rain. β˜”οΈ So over it. I miss the sun. I miss my activities. I would like to not be wearing my raincoat all the time. πŸ™„

Monday started out with me driving to work & a low tire pressure light going on. On the tire I just replaced 6 weeks ago. Work was a bit of a shit show cause apparently people didn’t do things while I was gone which made meeting the deadlines that day insane. I left work & hauled ass to the car dealership so they could look at the tire. Turns out another nail (WTF??!!) and the computer needs to be adjusted cause it was the other side that was flat (not the side it was saying). Again wtf??? Thank goodness again for that extra tire warranty cause that’s another $400 I didn’t have to shell out when they ordered the tire. πŸ™ I then headed to the gym where my face & jaw was starting to hurt so much I half assed it just get it done. I apologized to my awesome trainer…she knows when I’m not right & isn’t a jerk about it. I had taken a pain pill at work early, but I can’t drive on them so couldn’t take another. Got home, made dinner & went to bed! πŸ‘Š

Tuesday more rain. More of the same work crap (still catching up). But changed my dinner plans when cornhole cancelled! My favorite local event is going on…restaurants offer fixed menus for a low price for 2 weeks. Usually these are upscale or places I never go so trying to get to a few new ones again this year. Except my frigging tooth pain is really putting a damper on things!! Nevertheless I was determined last night to eat & it was fabulous. Had a good time catching up with my gf & her bf. One of my favorite stores is having their semi annual sale so I stopped there & can you believe I found exactly what I have been looking for?? On sale??!! That never happens so it made for a much improved day!! And I got a cute new dress for peanuts at the thrift store on lunch break. Day improving. πŸ‘

Today again it’s raining. Yeah shocker. πŸ˜‚ I’m hitting the gym after work & then home. I need an early night to catch up. My tooth is still hurting & it’s been a week so I’m thinking there is something else wrong? I have a follow up dental appointment tomorrow.

Good news…William & I have continued to stay in touch. He’s back in Seattle, but coming home Sunday so we’re doing dinner that night. Date #2!! I’m trying not to be too excited or get ahead, but I am looking forward to seeing him & spending actual time together. It’s been almost a month we’ve been “talking” yet have only met that one time. Which is really weird for me (I’ve never done anything like this before) although I like it! How crazy is that? Things are moving slow which is good right now cause I have a lot of my own stuff going on. Fingers crossed 🀞 


Day 3 of the military diet plan

FAIL!!! ABORT!!!! 🚨🚨🚨

Yup I didn’t make it. I got home late Saturday night after hanging with friends & by 2am my face was REALLY hurting & I was hungry & I was like “wtf am I doing here???”. So I had a few pieces of linguine & a little ice cream. Woke up the next morning & still weighed the same so I said screw it & made myself a cheesy omelette with avacado & some blueberries in Greek yogurt. I can tell you that definitely was NOT the menu for day 3. πŸ˜‚

Honestly I don’t know how people lose 10 lbs doing that for 3 days?? I mean even if it’s only temporary that’s still impressive. I LOST NOTHING. Nada. Zero. Zilch. In 2 days of following the diet so I highly doubt on day 3 some major miracle was going to happen. Maybe if you’re used to eating 4000 calories a day then I can see this diet being a huge change to your system. Or if you have a good amount of weight on you to lose something will happen? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I did like the meal plan. It was quite simple to follow. Even the food was ok. I will definitely try it again when the timing is better. Maybe all the drugs I’m taking for my wisdom teeth didn’t help the situation?? Or maybe these things just don’t work on my system?? I don’t know. I guess I’m curious to see if it will work at all. And I did try new things! I have never been a fan of grapefruit but I ate one! Or just plain tuna from the can I was unsure of but I liked that.

So that’s the sad results of my diet plan. Sorry guys. And I’m really looking forward to my dentist follow up on Thursday. I’m hoping there is nothing wrong cause I don’t think this pain still is right?!

Guy #2…potential

So the guy (William) I met with Tuesday last week…is going well. I say that cautiously cause my faith in men is zero but I’m trying to be optimistic. 

We met for a drink which was going so well he suggested having some dinner. I of course took the opportunity to suggest dessert (which he loved!) so we had sundaes. We had good flowing conversation about all sorts of topics. After dessert he knew I had to get going for the cornhole meet up, but I said fuck that…I was having a good time meeting somebody with potential so WHY am I going to leave to go somewhere uncomfortable that I don’t HAVE to be??? So I stayed. Sent my girl a text so she knew my whereabouts & we continued on with our night. We took a walk around the stores & looked in windows or went inside. Just fun silly stuff. Then we stopped for a final drink at a beachy bar. It was a really good evening. 

William then left the next day for Seattle where he’ll be for a good 2 weeks for work. During that time he’s taking a few days to fly back to the Midwest (home) to see his 2 kids. Since he’s recently moved to FL he tries to stay involved as much as he can. Luckily his work involves travel & is based by his kids so he can go back. But he’s continued to text & stay in touch with me which I think is a good sign.

I think it’s been good for me too. Meeting somebody new usually involves disappearing into a bubble, but with him gone I’ve kept my own schedule & plans. I’m watching my good friend disappear into the bubble with the girl he just met & hearing other people’s comments is rough. I am happy for him cause he’s happy so I understand how exciting it can be to meet somebody you click with & want to be around, BUT I have also learned I NEED to continue with my own life. I have worked way too hard to become my own person & as harsh as this sounds….I’m not going to toss it all aside for some new guy. I’m also not putting all my eggs in. Still continuing to be online & meet others so that helps keep things low key as well. I’m just taking things slow with anybody I meet & seeing what develops. 

My birthday celebration is finally over. Drinks & dancing Saturday night did me in. Oh but it was fun!!! I’m so very blessed to have good people around me. Sunday after a slow start I ended up at the beach with friends. The annual cookout was a success & great time. I got a tad too much sun. Oops!! I do love where I live. Monday I got up early to run my errands & then I was back home in bed before it got super warm. My reward was a lazy day!

Tonight is the first official cornhole night of the other league. It will be nice to see the new people playing & catch up. Hopefully the ones I don’t care for will steer clear. πŸ˜‚ Tomorrow is removing the rest of my wisdom teeth. My mom is on her way down now. I think she was just worried & being a mom even though I had arrangements with my roommate. Lucky him he’s off the hook now! So when you hear from me again I’ll be on a bunch of happy pills. Woo hoo!!!

It’s been a fun week…

Monday I piled all my appointments together so I took a day off from work & handled that. First stop was the dentist. Good news is everything looks all good from having those wisdom teeth removed. Will probably take out the other side later this fall unless a problem arises. Bad news I have a small cavity which they can’t get me back in til May to work on (thanks all the winter visitors being here). And I’m also grinding my teeth so badly at night they want to put in some filler stuff. But only if I start wearing a mouth guard to sleep otherwise it will be a waste. I then went to an appt with my new primary care dr. I liked her & we had some discussion about my health especially the past year. Talked about the Prozac & my “hiccup” last week. I said I was moving forward again which she agreed but gave me a month of pills just in case to have on hand (sometimes just having like the sleeping pills but never taking helps me too). She did say it was normal what I experienced and it doesn’t mean I fell back to last July progress wise or am a failure. Bumps are going to happen & I can’t see it as failures (which my GF pointed out to me when I was being a little crazy).

I’ve been busy this week but much more low key. Walked the bridge last night by myself even though it was later than normal. I’m getting my steps in & I feel it’s helping keep my head clear. Cornhole was good this week. Joe was there & of course his lady had to come so they could play kissy face & keep looking in my direction. I can’t help but chuckle to myself cause hey lady, I know where his lips have been. How do I taste? I know that’s crude (my brother couldn’t stop laughing when I told him that) but it’s the truth right?!? Lol

I had drinks with a new guy last night. Met him online before my cruise & he actually followed up when I returned so why not? I was only planning on staying 1/2 an hour but suddenly it was over an hour later. We didn’t talk about anything serious but just travel & some work stuff & other topics. But conversation flowed & he seems cool. When we left he said he’d really like to take me out again if I’m game & I gave him my number. He’s self proclaimed a bit nerdy but in a cute way & I liked him so I’ll give him a chance. I want a man who has his shit together & knows what he wants/goes after it. By taking initiative and making plans he’s being a man so I give him kudos. Maybe I’ve been around so many dbags it’s hard for me to recognize a real man when he comes along?

Last night was my first night sleeping with the mouth guard.  Bringing sexy back!!! It also took me both guards in the box to get it made right. Lol. Oops!!! I’m wondering if maybe I’ll get better sleep now? It will be interesting to see.

Happy Friday!

It’s been a great week cause the Cubbies won the World Series!!! πŸ’™βšΎοΈπŸ» Wishing I was back home for the parade today!

But no it really has been a good week. Halloween was good with friends. I love being where it’s warm weather and you can just enjoy being outside not freezing your ass off. Wednesday I invited that guy to come hang at the bar and watch the Cubs game which he came out. My brothers were there which was good cause they gave him some grief and he didn’t get all upset or uptight. I need to know you can laugh. He’s been texting me & we are going to do something Saturday night. I’m working at my side job this weekend so that will keep me busy during the days. 

I can’t wait to move next week!!! Things are a little weird at the house cause they are packing up and nobody is really saying much. But I’m just ready to go! I think the new roommate is going to be a better match and the situation will hopefully just be better overall. Also once you know something is happening it’s like let’s just do this. I guess I have no patience. Lol

I went back to the dentist earlier this week. It is getting better and there is nothing wrong with the tooth so basically just more time to heal from the infection. I am so over not eating or it hurting to eat. 

In the dentist chair

Yup that’s where I am right now. From the initial X-rays and peek the first person took she said my wisdom tooth had erupted. Wtf?!? I said now I know why babies cry all the time. Then the actual dentist came in and he said it was inflamed and infected so I’m getting drugs right now. If that doesn’t work I have to come back for “clean up”. I didn’t ask what that entailed cause it sounds scary!

Still no luck in the housing search. The hamster wheel was running like mad last night (my anxiety going crazy). My roommate actually had the nerve to bitch at me yesterday about how this is so hard for her and she doesn’t know what’s going on yada yada. I just stared at her. Seriously??? What boat does she think I’m in right now??? I had to take a walk. 

Haven’t heard anything from POS which I suppose is a positive? I asked the lady this morning who had suggested I speak with him. She thinks if he was going to say no he would have right away or even sent me a text over the weekend saying no to avoid a confrontation. She thinks he really is thinking about it. What do you guys think? Idk honestly. I’m going to pop over to his place during cornhole tonight and see what he has to say. Even if we just try it for a bit it gives me time to keep looking. I just don’t want to get locked into housing that is bad or I have to settle for cause it’s a rush.

I keep trying to believe this.