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Fitting it all in

Life has been busy. This time of year always seems to be. Lots going on which is great, but I’m trying not to over do it either. 

I worked my side job last weekend. Which it had been raining on off for like 2 weeks. That’s getting old! Will got back from his work trip & we had a great dinner Sunday night (date #2). It was a really nice way to wrap up the weekend.

Monday I played cornhole, but Tuesday it got rained out. Impromptu dinner with friends which I invited Will also. I figured he’s seen me dressed up nice twice so this was casual jeans stuffing down wings. 🤣 He wasn’t fazed at all which was nice to see. I am enjoying hanging out & slowly getting to know him. He went out of town again for a few days & now his mom is here visiting until next week. I told him if he needs a break he knows how to find me. 😉

I had therapy last week. I do enjoy meeting with her. I know I’ve made a lot of improvements since last summer, but sometimes all I see is that hot mess still. She keeps it in perspective & we talk out things. Between the gym & a bday party I had a FULL week! Definitely going low key this weekend. 

Last night had a concert with the girls which was a blast!! Then we headed next door to the casino for a bit. I don’t play but it’s fun to hang & watch. Today I’ve been running errands which FL summer had kicked in. It’s hot! I really wish I could get some beach time. Perhaps tomorrow? I sent my dad his Father’s Day stuff this week so I’ll give him a call.

I leave next Monday for Canada for 2 weeks so I’ve been getting things organized for that. I’m trying not to leave it til the last minute to get ready, but you know in some way it always ends up that way. Even work I’ve been trying to get ready so it’s not a complete mess this week or when I return.

Tonight is a life celebration for a friend’s family member. But it’s at a bar & then the beach for sunset. Not sure what to expect. Maybe the bar is a good idea?

Hump day ho hums

Blah the rain. Yes we needed it. Yay we are ok longer a high fire risk. The grass is green & growing. But come on…since last Thursday night it’s been on/off & starting Monday pretty much all day rain. ☔️ So over it. I miss the sun. I miss my activities. I would like to not be wearing my raincoat all the time. 🙄

Monday started out with me driving to work & a low tire pressure light going on. On the tire I just replaced 6 weeks ago. Work was a bit of a shit show cause apparently people didn’t do things while I was gone which made meeting the deadlines that day insane. I left work & hauled ass to the car dealership so they could look at the tire. Turns out another nail (WTF??!!) and the computer needs to be adjusted cause it was the other side that was flat (not the side it was saying). Again wtf??? Thank goodness again for that extra tire warranty cause that’s another $400 I didn’t have to shell out when they ordered the tire. 🙏 I then headed to the gym where my face & jaw was starting to hurt so much I half assed it just get it done. I apologized to my awesome trainer…she knows when I’m not right & isn’t a jerk about it. I had taken a pain pill at work early, but I can’t drive on them so couldn’t take another. Got home, made dinner & went to bed! 👊

Tuesday more rain. More of the same work crap (still catching up). But changed my dinner plans when cornhole cancelled! My favorite local event is going on…restaurants offer fixed menus for a low price for 2 weeks. Usually these are upscale or places I never go so trying to get to a few new ones again this year. Except my frigging tooth pain is really putting a damper on things!! Nevertheless I was determined last night to eat & it was fabulous. Had a good time catching up with my gf & her bf. One of my favorite stores is having their semi annual sale so I stopped there & can you believe I found exactly what I have been looking for?? On sale??!! That never happens so it made for a much improved day!! And I got a cute new dress for peanuts at the thrift store on lunch break. Day improving. 👍

Today again it’s raining. Yeah shocker. 😂 I’m hitting the gym after work & then home. I need an early night to catch up. My tooth is still hurting & it’s been a week so I’m thinking there is something else wrong? I have a follow up dental appointment tomorrow.

Good news…William & I have continued to stay in touch. He’s back in Seattle, but coming home Sunday so we’re doing dinner that night. Date #2!! I’m trying not to be too excited or get ahead, but I am looking forward to seeing him & spending actual time together. It’s been almost a month we’ve been “talking” yet have only met that one time. Which is really weird for me (I’ve never done anything like this before) although I like it! How crazy is that? Things are moving slow which is good right now cause I have a lot of my own stuff going on. Fingers crossed 🤞 

Feeling back in the game

I feel like I am getting back in the game again.

First my weight is at 168 lbs. Yay me! It’s been holding there for the past week which I think is a good sign. Obviously I’m still reaching for my goal of 160, but this is definitely signs of encouragement for me. Keep staying active & really think about what I eat!!

Next off…my dating life. It’s gotten a bit of a revival recently. Online dating is a necessary evil I feel to just try to meet more people. Where else can one go? As much as I do & try to spread my social circle it seems to be with a lot of people already in relationships. I have basically been using 2 sites (Tinder & Bumble) to find matches. Thanks to Tinder this week I have 2 meet ups.

#1 was last night after my cornhole league was over he stopped by the bar for a drink. His name is Mark. We had a very nice 2 hours of chatting & hanging out. I liked him & would like to get to know him more, but there are some obstacles. He works a goofy schedule (commercial pilot) which I totally understand & he also has 4 daughters ranging from 9-12 yo (a set of twins in there). So he’s pretty busy! Plus his divorce has only been officially final for a month so even though it’s been over, it’s now freshly over you know? He admits he’s just trying to get back out there & attempt having a social life with his job/kids which I appreciate his honesty. But here’s my deal…I know what I bring to the table. I don’t want you to be with me cause I’m the 1st girl you dated after divorce or cause you had a few weird encounters online & you think I’m really normal (yeah he said that lol). I want somebody who recognizes what a catch I am, WANTS to be with me & treats me accordingly. So go out there & date some other women so you can appreciate what I have to offer (sane, employed & financially responsible for starters which many woman down here aren’t!). He said he’d like to meet again which I said sure & to stay in touch with our schedules! So we’ll see….

#2 is happening tonight. Meeting for drinks. William is closer to my age. Grew up in the Midwest also. We have texted some, but I don’t know a whole lot about him so I am curious. Looking forward to it! Then I need to make an appearance at my other cornhole league which is having an opener meet & greet tonight. Honestly I just didn’t feel like hanging out with Joe & his partner Katie (shitty girl in previous posts) for a whole evening. It makes for an awkward time (watching her hang on the married guy is weird) & I have better things to do & people to hang out with. William is going on a work trip for 2 weeks & this was our only chance to meet before. Plus I’m crazy…remember? hahaha!!!

**only 2 more days til my birthday. Gosh that 40 is getting closer….

Got my 1st dick pic

😵😵😵 yeah that’s not really something one needs to see at 7:20 am!

Little backstory…so this guy contacts me thru Facebook messenger awhile ago cause he had been following my Instagram. Apparently he’s interested in me so we chat a little but he’s much younger than me (like 10 years) so I say I’m not interested. But he seemed like an ok guy & I know a few single ladies his age so then I’m thinking maybe I’ll meet him to match them up?  A good deed right? He makes some odd douchebag comments then & game over I’m out. He claims it’s a misunderstanding cause he’s English and the meaning of things or the way he phrases things. No I understood fine. Douchebag is a universal language & I’m not introducing you to any of my girls. Since then he’ll randomly send me FB messages which I just delete. Until this morning. 

In all honesty I answered his message with the intent of saying I’m not interested and please stop contacting me, but he immediately started on with how he still wants to meet me yet he feels that I’m seeing someone. I was driving to work so I couldn’t respond but in my head I’m getting ticked like wtf crazy creeper and start composing my mental message of telling him to go fly a kite for when I can reply. BUT before I can even get that far here it comes. The unsolicited out of no where dick pic. WTF 😱 Why would anyone send a picture of their junk (or maybe it’s not his but still the intent is there) to somebody they don’t know & want to go out with?!?!?! I didn’t think guys really did that but apparently I was wrong! WHY??? I can’t get past that part. He then wanted my opinion so here was my response:He wasn’t happy that I wasn’t impressed & begging for more I guess cause he had a few more comments. But that was my final response. If he contacts me again I’ll have to figure out how to block. Seriously. What a frigging weirdo creeper!!!

Don’t get me wrong. If you are in a relationship with somebody and it’s mutual there is nothing wrong with sending some fun sexy photos. Whatever works right?! But if you’re going to send a girl you want to meet in person pictures, please let it be something cute. A kitten. 😺 The sunset. ⛅️ A palm tree. 🌴 NOT YOUR DICK. That is NOT cute.

And all my coworkers agree with me. Thanks for making our morning though. 😂

Foiled by Lucifer…again

First I should say that Lucifer is my car. I treated myself last year to the new 2SS Camaro (the previous Mr Car was 15 years old so it’s not like I splurge often). It’s a total toy & lots of fun! He’s a sexy beast (dark gray) & I sold my soul to get him. Just kidding! Well sorta. But hence the name.

For whatever reason grown men turn into giggly little school girls when in his presence. Seriously. I actually find it rather comical cause this area is not lacking in high end fancy cars that are much nicer pricier than Lucifer. They want to sit in him, stare, circle around, push the buttons. Some want a ride, some friends I have even let drive. It reached a point in December I was going to start Ubering to my dates cause I’d meet the guy, you could tell neither of us were feeling it but then when we walked out to the parking lot suddenly they would find me oh so interesting & want to get my number or make another date. After meeting Lucifer of course. Really…and guys complain about girls doing that kind of shit?!?! lol

Last night was the baseball game with my friends & Anthony. We met at my friend’s house to carpool. I drove the 3 of us cause we were meeting her boyfriend there. It’s all going good. We’re chatting about our day. The game started out well. Lots of fun & perfect weather! How can you not enjoy it? About half way thru the game the conversation turns to cars. Anthony is totally fangirling over Lucifer! I poke my friend & say uh oh he’s got a crush. After the game we grabbed a bite before I dropped him back off at his car (which wasn’t a bad looking ride either). Every time I started the car he’d exclaim listen to that, that’s amazing, oh wow! I was like how drunk are you man???

So I was already starting to not really feel anything more towards Anthony, but by the end of the night I was sure of it. I think he’s a fun guy (my friends liked him) to hang out with but I’m not feeling any spark. And I’m sorry but I want that spark! I deserve the spark! Something that makes me excited to see or hear from him. A little bounce in my step. I can always tell if I’m into a guy cause the first question I ask myself is…does he make me want to take my clothes off?? NOTE: I AM NOT TAKING MY CLOTHES OFF!!! But does he make me feel even anything like that?? Does he intrigue me? Do I find him desirable? Since the answer is generally no the search continues. And maybe Lucifer stays home next time.


When your ex shows up at cornhole with (I guess) his new GF (they kept making out & grabbing each other so one can only assume which ewww you’re almost 50 & she definitely looks it!) of maybe a few weeks. 

1–thanks for showing everyone what a douchebag you really are without me having to say a peep. 😆 2–for again confirming I’m the best you’ll ever have. To everyone. 😂 Seriously. The consensus was “what a downgrade”. I just sat back & enjoyed the spectacle cause that’s what it really was. I mean who really has to try that hard? So ridiculous. 🙄

Yup that is the latest on POS. Who’s name is Joe. Forget anonymous. The innocent have nothing to hide & the shitty need to be outted. So moving forward no more changing of names here! I wish I could say it’s the last of Joe too but he apparently likes to creep me. After I walked away in October (cash in hand mind you!) there was no more contact. I went on living my life. Apparently my life was looking too good though cause he not only unfriended me on Facebook but also blocked me on Thanksgiving. Yup, I’m that awesome. 👍 Fast forward to mid-December & my group ran into his group out on the town for a city festival. Let me be clear…I have awesome friends who have stood by me despite my dumb choices but they were THRILLED that Joe was gone cause they hated how he treated me & he’s a douche. Especially among my guy friends it turns out he was very hated (I had no idea guys were that judgemental of other guys). Joe ran away (such big balls he’s got), but some others in his group stopped to chat with my group & me. In fact DD1 was there & she gave me a hug & all chatty. Apparently her dad hadn’t yet told her I was evil & to be shunned. Moving on to end of January I was on a blind date set up (which was going so bad already) when Joe & DD1 walked by. I mean he sprinted so fast it took me a minute to register (I was ready when they left with a big smile & so sweet “oh hi there how are you?”). I know he had contacted my big brother a few times about kickball but my bro said he’ll never play on our team again (phew).

So fast forward to cornhole Tuesday night I wasn’t super surprised he was there. My bro started up a new league so Joe knew I’d be there. Duh. Did I mention after the Facebook blocking he then started friending some of the friends and circle I hang out with? Like how fucked up is that? We laughed but go find your own friends. I did. You were my plus 1 & now you’re not. I don’t contact or hang out with any of the people he’s “friends” with. I mean they are such shitty shallow people I have no idea why I wouldn’t want them as my friends. Plus they are like 20 years younger than him (or more!). I guess by finding an older lady to date now he’s no longer the oldest looking person in pictures. 😂

My bro kept checking on me asking how I was. But really I was fine. When you step back & really see a situation you realize how stupid it all was. I should have been gone long before but apparently I had to learn my lessons the hard way. Joe hanging all over this lady really had no effect on me. I wasn’t upset or bothered. I kept playing & hanging out & having a good time. There’s a lot of new people & 1 guy even came up at the end to chat a little. It was a really good time & I’m looking forward to next week.

Time to get real

I’m back from my cruise. Which I only gained 1 pound. Yay me. Bad part is I apparently put on a few more after I made my 10 pound weight loss goal. So here it is. It’s ugly but it’s the cold hard truth & if I put it on here I can’t hide or deny it. 

Whoa that’s ugly. My goal is 160. I definitely have my work cut out.

Sadly my weight is back to where I was a little over a year ago before the POS drama. I am more toned & stronger but there could be less of me. It’s scary to believe I stayed at 146 all summer without much effort of diet or exercise. Anxiety was my secret diet. My friend recently told me part of healing & feeling good is being healthy & that also means wanting to eat & liking food. Now I just need to learn to have a better relationship with it.

So here we go folks. 160 is the goal. Might not be by my deadline but I’m trying!! 💪