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Hump day ho hums

Blah the rain. Yes we needed it. Yay we are ok longer a high fire risk. The grass is green & growing. But come on…since last Thursday night it’s been on/off & starting Monday pretty much all day rain. ☔️ So over it. I miss the sun. I miss my activities. I would like to not be wearing my raincoat all the time. 🙄

Monday started out with me driving to work & a low tire pressure light going on. On the tire I just replaced 6 weeks ago. Work was a bit of a shit show cause apparently people didn’t do things while I was gone which made meeting the deadlines that day insane. I left work & hauled ass to the car dealership so they could look at the tire. Turns out another nail (WTF??!!) and the computer needs to be adjusted cause it was the other side that was flat (not the side it was saying). Again wtf??? Thank goodness again for that extra tire warranty cause that’s another $400 I didn’t have to shell out when they ordered the tire. 🙏 I then headed to the gym where my face & jaw was starting to hurt so much I half assed it just get it done. I apologized to my awesome trainer…she knows when I’m not right & isn’t a jerk about it. I had taken a pain pill at work early, but I can’t drive on them so couldn’t take another. Got home, made dinner & went to bed! 👊

Tuesday more rain. More of the same work crap (still catching up). But changed my dinner plans when cornhole cancelled! My favorite local event is going on…restaurants offer fixed menus for a low price for 2 weeks. Usually these are upscale or places I never go so trying to get to a few new ones again this year. Except my frigging tooth pain is really putting a damper on things!! Nevertheless I was determined last night to eat & it was fabulous. Had a good time catching up with my gf & her bf. One of my favorite stores is having their semi annual sale so I stopped there & can you believe I found exactly what I have been looking for?? On sale??!! That never happens so it made for a much improved day!! And I got a cute new dress for peanuts at the thrift store on lunch break. Day improving. 👍

Today again it’s raining. Yeah shocker. 😂 I’m hitting the gym after work & then home. I need an early night to catch up. My tooth is still hurting & it’s been a week so I’m thinking there is something else wrong? I have a follow up dental appointment tomorrow.

Good news…William & I have continued to stay in touch. He’s back in Seattle, but coming home Sunday so we’re doing dinner that night. Date #2!! I’m trying not to be too excited or get ahead, but I am looking forward to seeing him & spending actual time together. It’s been almost a month we’ve been “talking” yet have only met that one time. Which is really weird for me (I’ve never done anything like this before) although I like it! How crazy is that? Things are moving slow which is good right now cause I have a lot of my own stuff going on. Fingers crossed 🤞 


A good weekend

The weekend was good.

Friday kickball was fun even though we lost. I had some good plays so I was happy. Very low key night just hanging out at the ball fields chatting with people. 

Saturday I went to wash the car and then ended up running some errands. Was gone most of the day so I didn’t get my clothes purged like I had hoped to do. Went to my brother’s Halloween party which was a blast! My costume was a hit and I had fun. I was Wenda, Waldo’s girlfriend, so when people would ask where’s Waldo I’d be like yeah where is that sneaky shit?? Hahaha!!! Ended up going to to the block party they had at some bars & met up with the guy I was meeting for a lunch date the next day. It was actually nice to hang out with him & his friends and just have a good time with the band and checking out all the costumes. 

Today I was a bum & skipped church. I felt sleep was more needed & since I’m working next weekend I won’t get to sleep in for awhile now. Met that guy for our lunch date. He’s really nice & easy to talk with. We then went to the beach and walked for awhile. Got back to our cars & he invited me to come hang out Thursday where they have trivia night. I said sure. I don’t want anything serious and am wanting to just take things slow so this works for me.

Tomorrow night I am going with friends who have kids trick or treating. It should be a good time. I like seeing all the kids costumes and how excited they are.

My tooth pain has massively returned so I’ll be calling the dentist first thing in the morning. It hurts to eat. It hurts to talk sometimes. It just sucks. I’m so over it!

I told my roommate yesterday I have a truck coming the 11th to move my stuff & she said they’ll still be here. So at least I don’t have to worry about that. I’m glad that has fallen into place. Talked with the new roommate. He bought some things for the bedroom and asked what color I want it painted. I’m like it’s your house so whatever you want. Lol. I can’t wait to get moved in over there and be done with this.