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Fitting it all in

Life has been busy. This time of year always seems to be. Lots going on which is great, but I’m trying not to over do it either. 

I worked my side job last weekend. Which it had been raining on off for like 2 weeks. That’s getting old! Will got back from his work trip & we had a great dinner Sunday night (date #2). It was a really nice way to wrap up the weekend.

Monday I played cornhole, but Tuesday it got rained out. Impromptu dinner with friends which I invited Will also. I figured he’s seen me dressed up nice twice so this was casual jeans stuffing down wings. 🤣 He wasn’t fazed at all which was nice to see. I am enjoying hanging out & slowly getting to know him. He went out of town again for a few days & now his mom is here visiting until next week. I told him if he needs a break he knows how to find me. 😉

I had therapy last week. I do enjoy meeting with her. I know I’ve made a lot of improvements since last summer, but sometimes all I see is that hot mess still. She keeps it in perspective & we talk out things. Between the gym & a bday party I had a FULL week! Definitely going low key this weekend. 

Last night had a concert with the girls which was a blast!! Then we headed next door to the casino for a bit. I don’t play but it’s fun to hang & watch. Today I’ve been running errands which FL summer had kicked in. It’s hot! I really wish I could get some beach time. Perhaps tomorrow? I sent my dad his Father’s Day stuff this week so I’ll give him a call.

I leave next Monday for Canada for 2 weeks so I’ve been getting things organized for that. I’m trying not to leave it til the last minute to get ready, but you know in some way it always ends up that way. Even work I’ve been trying to get ready so it’s not a complete mess this week or when I return.

Tonight is a life celebration for a friend’s family member. But it’s at a bar & then the beach for sunset. Not sure what to expect. Maybe the bar is a good idea?

Guy #2…potential

So the guy (William) I met with Tuesday last week…is going well. I say that cautiously cause my faith in men is zero but I’m trying to be optimistic. 

We met for a drink which was going so well he suggested having some dinner. I of course took the opportunity to suggest dessert (which he loved!) so we had sundaes. We had good flowing conversation about all sorts of topics. After dessert he knew I had to get going for the cornhole meet up, but I said fuck that…I was having a good time meeting somebody with potential so WHY am I going to leave to go somewhere uncomfortable that I don’t HAVE to be??? So I stayed. Sent my girl a text so she knew my whereabouts & we continued on with our night. We took a walk around the stores & looked in windows or went inside. Just fun silly stuff. Then we stopped for a final drink at a beachy bar. It was a really good evening. 

William then left the next day for Seattle where he’ll be for a good 2 weeks for work. During that time he’s taking a few days to fly back to the Midwest (home) to see his 2 kids. Since he’s recently moved to FL he tries to stay involved as much as he can. Luckily his work involves travel & is based by his kids so he can go back. But he’s continued to text & stay in touch with me which I think is a good sign.

I think it’s been good for me too. Meeting somebody new usually involves disappearing into a bubble, but with him gone I’ve kept my own schedule & plans. I’m watching my good friend disappear into the bubble with the girl he just met & hearing other people’s comments is rough. I am happy for him cause he’s happy so I understand how exciting it can be to meet somebody you click with & want to be around, BUT I have also learned I NEED to continue with my own life. I have worked way too hard to become my own person & as harsh as this sounds….I’m not going to toss it all aside for some new guy. I’m also not putting all my eggs in. Still continuing to be online & meet others so that helps keep things low key as well. I’m just taking things slow with anybody I meet & seeing what develops. 

My birthday celebration is finally over. Drinks & dancing Saturday night did me in. Oh but it was fun!!! I’m so very blessed to have good people around me. Sunday after a slow start I ended up at the beach with friends. The annual cookout was a success & great time. I got a tad too much sun. Oops!! I do love where I live. Monday I got up early to run my errands & then I was back home in bed before it got super warm. My reward was a lazy day!

Tonight is the first official cornhole night of the other league. It will be nice to see the new people playing & catch up. Hopefully the ones I don’t care for will steer clear. 😂 Tomorrow is removing the rest of my wisdom teeth. My mom is on her way down now. I think she was just worried & being a mom even though I had arrangements with my roommate. Lucky him he’s off the hook now! So when you hear from me again I’ll be on a bunch of happy pills. Woo hoo!!!

And boom it’s over

Vacation that is. Amazing how fast & slow time can go. I’m all packed & just enjoying the views before we get picked up for the ride to the airport.

Everything has really been great. The condo was awesome. Loved it, loved what it offered, loved the location. Perfect for us. Jaco has been a lot of fun to explore & see. It’s a good place to base out of. Our excursion to the Poas volcano & La Paz waterfall gardens with the animal refuge was AMAZING!!! I got so many great pictures. That’s exactly the kind of things I hoped to see. We ate at a lot of places in town & I tried things I wouldn’t normally at home. Last night’s dinner was squid & octopus which tasted so good!

If I come here again I really want to try surfing. I pondered it this week but having never done it before I wasn’t sure if my ankle was up to it yet. I went in the Pacific once. Wish I would have done that a little more but the beach sand here is very hot & coarse (yeah the beach at home has me spoiled 😂) so I stayed by the pool. Which was on the beach anyway so it was nice to hear the waves.

I have to admit I’m feeling pretty good in general. I’m not feeling any anxiety or need to get back home. I really do think it’s cause I’m with my friends who I’m used to being around. My FL brother has been great & his gf had her bday yesterday so we celebrated that! They get me & I’m very comfortable around them. The other couple I don’t know as well but had a good time with them. I do miss having my own bathroom though. Haha!!

Looking forward to work tomorrow & this weekend I have a few fun activities already planned so I’m definitely busy. BUT I’m going to be aware of not overbooking myself & getting run down like I did after the cruise. No relapses for this girl!!

Vacation is great!

Having a good time!!! Jaco has been so much fun. Sunday was another be lazy day, got a lot of sun & pool time. But we buckled down & got ourselves organized as far as what we want to do while here.

Monday morning we went zip lining which was awesome! This was the longest & most platforms I’ve done yet so it was really cool. As we zigged down the mountain side you could look out at the ocean! Then we headed to town for food & to book our next excursion. We’ve been trying different places to eat. And I’ve gotten my souvenirs (2 shirts is all I need) so shopping wise I’m all good.

Today we have booked going to a volcano crater & waterfalls. I’m excited for that! Unfortunately I woke up yesterday with a sore throat that then became a runny nose & stuffed head. I’m not sure if I got a cold from the plane (most likely 😤) or the flowers trees blooming is kicking up my allergies. Last night I stayed in while everyone went out just to rest & be in the AC where it seems to be better.

Today we are heading to the volcano for adventures!!

Not too shabby 

The view from our penthouse balcony. lol Can’t really complain about much when I keep having these blessed moments.

Day 1 of vacay yesterday was amazing. We got a lot done it seemed. The flight went well (thank you Spirit!), getting into Costa Rica was fine (thank you authorities!), the ride to the condo was fun (thank you Jose!), meeting the condo managers was like finding more family (thank you Stephanie & John!). We got settled in, had some dinner on the beach, strolled to town & back at the pool. It was an early evening but given the long day & 2 hour time change it didn’t matter. 

Here we stopped at crocodile bridge on the way to Jaco from the airport. Holy crocodile everywhere!! I’m not sure why they gather & forgot to ask but there is a national park right there so it may be aren’t very endangered? But then you see this standing literally 100 yards upstream so you can’t blame the crocs for congregating by the dinner table. Luckily we didn’t witness any National Geographic moments! I mean get Mother Nature & the circle of life, but why be so close to danger?? And then locals throw chicken (dead, I asked first!) over the rail so they get a little rowdy so it’s a touristy spot.

Getting to the condo we met the managers who had “bad news”…the penthouse condo we had rented was having a few maintenance issues still being worked on. The “good news” was the other penthouse condo wasn’t rented out so they moved us next door to the bigger & even better views one (also more pricey) for the WHOLE trip!!! Yay for being blessed again with upgrades!! 🙏

We went to beachy bar place next door & had a great early dinner just chilling. Met some USA transplants & had a few drinks before getting some sand in our toes! Then we walked to town (a few minutes so very easy) to see what there was & grocery shop. That was fun! In another language & currency.  I actually was a dork & had a good time between looking for things I can eat for the gym challenge (I’m not totally blowing that off cause I do feel better without eating all the processed crap foods) & checking my currency converter app to see what things cost. It was interesting! Really I’m not a nerd 🤓

Not sure what we’ll do today. I imagine beach & pool. The others don’t want any intense schedule or planned out events which is a little against my grain (especially for 6 days being here) but I’m willing to try. I don’t care as long as I don’t miss out doing things otherwise I’ll start planning my own shit to do. We do want to find some kind of excursion zip line ATV jungle thing for one day.

Because of the time change I was up at 5am but it gets light here by 6 which is nice change although it gets dark a little earlier than I thought it would (by 6pm). Guess I’ll see if the others are up yet! Day 2 here we go…


So I am currently on a cruise. I was determined that 2017 was going to be amazing & how else to make it that way other than travel?? Booked a week long cruise with my mom (figured it would be good for us & I needed a real vacay) so here we float. Today it’s in Jamaica.

I mean really…this has been my view since last Sunday when we were surprised with an upgraded room upon check in!!  How blessed is that?? I like to believe that what goes around comes around so give good & appreciate. 🙏 The cruise has been wonderful on so many levels. It’s been a good step forward for my mom & I since last year was very challenging to our relationship. We haven’t spent this much time together in a very long time. I have gotten to really just read & relax & disconnect while out at sea. Amazing. I feel quite at peace and recharged. It’s been so nice to really focus on me. I work out, I eat, I sleep. Very basic things but I am getting to actually enjoy it & not just rush thru my schedule.

We now start the trip back very shortly. Great vacation but I am ready to return. I feel motivated. I have goals. I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of March. I have trip #2 then—a group of us rented a condo in Costa Rica for 6 nights. It will be a good time!! Plans are coming together for trip #3–starts out in Chicago so I’ll get to maybe see some friends there before heading to Calgary. That trip is about 3 weeks total so I need to get approval from work when I go back next week. 🤞 Trip #4 is my annual week to WI end of summer. Both those last trips will be my side job related work so while not total vacations I am excited & looking forward to them!!

See ya when I get back home…to the beaches & Gulf & sun.  You know the vacation I live every day as my friends up north like to remind me. Haha!! 

Bit of a bummer day

To backtrack I finally got home from Wisconsin Sunday well past my original arrival time. Thank you Delta who I will never fly again. Got home about 2am so I took a nap (can’t even call that going to bed) before going to work Monday. Which work was a total shit show all day. Apparently people felt I should be capable of fixing their fuck ups no problemo even though I had my own job to do. Ridiculous day.

Made it to the gym where I pepped myself up and completed the workout. Found a potential guy to play kickball too!! Rushed over to the first night of cornhole (finally!) only to discover it’s a major cluster. All the new teams meant nobody was on time so things ran horribly late. Which ticks people off. I was a little frustrated with my playing just cause I haven’t practiced, but had a good time with my new partner. I was also happy to not see POS there or his name on the sign up sheet. Yay!

Today started at the dr for my physical which they said I have the blood pressure of a teenager. Yay me!!?!? She wrote me another script for more Xanax and I check back with her in a month. When I got to work the new person had arrived. Always good when they at least show up.

At lunch I went to the bank and opened a savings account. I want to keep my finances a bit separate for the house (taxes and insurance). And I’m finally going to start having enough $$$ I can actually save!!! 

Unfortunately I heard from my mom today too. They had my oldest cat put to sleep. He was old and I knew it was coming when I saw him in July, but it’s just sad. He was my first fur kid. My ex & I got him together from the barn 16 years ago. He lived with my parents the past 3 years since I moved south and my dad is taking it pretty hard (they became buds). 

I was going to walk tonight but I’m wiped. I think I need a night off to just veg and get some rest. Laundry would be good too. My room is such a disaster mess I don’t even know where to start. Argh….not motivated yet